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25 Responses to “LA Ink s05e09 part1”

  1. TheTurtlelover52

    i miss the old LA Ink this? one SUCKS!!!!

  2. jamzales

    Liz=scheming? kaniving bitch

  3. jamzales

    yeah lost respect for Cory at this point?

  4. FeedUsFetusFajitas

    When Cory was playing the drums, he looked like he smelled a fart, and he was trying to? hold back a mini orgasm.

  5. abhimac27

    Wow, I usually love Kat’s work, but that one was not up to par with? what she usually does

  6. TheRachel3131

    Ugh? I hate the stupid faces Adrien makes all the time sticking out her tongue. Like shes miss perfect! ugh!

  7. nefertitiify


  8. Vexlulz

    Man there’s no tattooing in this show anymore srsly. It’s like they just? throw one in every now and then to break up the scenes

  9. scholte

    Glory has told the saddest story ive heard out off everyone in La ink :(?

  10. hardkandy91

    it should be corey with kim & hannah
    there are no drama in the 1st season
    just? watching those 3 together are fun

  11. leonidos85

    You can actually hear? that the sentences are put together using different audios of different conversations, so that it sounds like an argument but its parts of completely different conversations thrown together!

  12. leonidos85

    You can actually hear that the sentences are put together using different audios of different conversations, so that it sounds like an argument but its parts of completely different conversations? thrown together!

  13. flashpointlover1

    I feel bad for Adrienne and g, considering they have to deal with Liz. I feel like Corey might be overreacting a? bit.. Hard to tell with all the editing.

  14. kbbyerly1

    drama, drama, drama. ? and adrienne is a c*nt.

  15. girl123interrupted

    Thumbs up if you’d give up LA ink for a show called Corey Ink<–(lack of a better name ha ha) and the show would have Dan and all the tattooers and NO DRAMA. Only amazing artwork, G there as a shop manager and his funny sense of humor and the amazing stories of the people marking themselves for life.? THAT IS WHAT I CARE ABOUT! Am I the only one here who doesn't want to tune in for an episode of the hills here? there's a reason the hills & laguna beach were cancelled ha ha.

  16. ukgirlonce

    ? yes and scriptedscriptedscripted

  17. theinkfan

    is it just? me or is 4:33 copied and pasted from some other episode?

  18. theinkfan

    is it just me or is? 4:33 copied and pasted from some other episode?

  19. 909sophielou

    Liz? is a shit actress

  20. JasamTragicLove

    I didn’t notice until I read this comment and now its? driving me nuts. Its like every 3 words are edited!

  21. MetroStationIsLife1

    So busy…. But yet she had time to fly to florida to see? Dan’s band record…Bull!
    Poor Corey (been there since season 1 & can’t get any breaks)

  22. kat1639

    is it? just me or does Tanzania look a lil bit like a dick?

  23. deesan82

    hahhhahaa? yeah… there is trouble in the family wonderland..

  24. bethanphetamine

    3:50 on, when Liz is talking,? you can totally tell they grabbed a bunch of words that were spoken separately of the conversation.

  25. carrotty

    that liz chick must have? been payed by the producers to act like she does to make the tv. i wanna see some good tattoos ffs

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