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21 Responses to “Season 3-LA.Ink.part-14 – Show Down At The Shop.avi”

  1. MustardAndDewberry

    Aubry’s GONE!? yay! finally!

  2. KawaiiAznPanda7

    32:24 My name is? Angela too 😀 !!

  3. queensausageable

    BaBa Boooweeeeee!?

  4. smash3desire

    love amy?

  5. shegotyagood

    wow, corey really comes off? as a giggling high school meangirl in this episode. regardless of aubrey’s inability to fit in or do her job, what man gets so involved in a situation like that and actually delights in joining in on the bashing? man up, dude..that was embarrassing to watch.

  6. charmaineamylouisegi

    That liz is an A class t**t?

  7. xPinkCupcakex

    Aubrey was a new employee that had no seniority, so what the heck did she expect other than people? telling her what to do? If she just did her job, then there would not have been a problem.

  8. KevYuuuu

    ahahah i tihnk its funny though AUbry is the one that got? wrecked.

  9. KevYuuuu

    well ehh the thing is Kat wanted her to take responsibility but she like asked for her side of? the story..

  10. tallguy2

    Have to agree here.Aubrey was a pigeon and had to go but Kat and her crew are like a bunch? of 16yo kids well besides Nikko anyway..

    Craig is a crack up and seems like a cool cat.I wanna chill with him some time 😀

  11. WhiteyRavensTH

    Skip to 14′ for the first tattoo? !!!

  12. grunge089

    understand Kat… but I don’t understand Aubrey, It? is a really professional business.? Aubrey is a cocky bitch

  13. LoverDollLinz


  14. strangegirl313

    jesus Aubrey, talk about? twisting the truth 😛

  15. Rubeeew

    I understand Kat… but I also understand Aubrey, It is a really? unprofessional business. Kat von D is a cocky bitch.

  16. NetraToraken


  17. sevey306

    Kat Von? D, Marry Me Please

  18. TokyoJuice7

    Wow. Aubrey is super lame. If her working environment was soo bad, why didn’t she just quite earlier on her own? I mean, come on, if you didn’t like who you were working with, why are you still working there? And the fact how she thinks it’s high school, and how she was trying to ‘fit in’, okay, it shouldn’t take you THAT long to get used to a job. If you don’t? know how to get used to a job in a certain amount of time, then that job probably isn’t right for you.

  19. UziyashiNarzashdoen

    I? wonder if Aubrey watch this show.. If she does, she should know how fu*ked up she is..

  20. belowlights

    I? totally agree.

  21. Ziara2411

    Yay ! First comment and it’s about time she got fired. Aubry she honestly doesn’t realize what she has done for Kat to lose? her patience like I can see that Kat could have have handled it differently but Aubry was ridicoulous.

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