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19 Responses to “LA Ink S06E01 Part2”

  1. CCowie123

    she had a fit? bod


    yes! pixie was the best. the first season > the rest?

  3. MrFalangist

    u want to be a model ?
    dude dont do a? tattoo then !

  4. MrFalangist

    and pixie? !


    the original crew was the best. kat, corey, hannah,? and kim!

  6. KathVengeance

    I used? to love LA ink. When there was no freaking drama and it was all about tattoos. Now it’s about drama, people hating on each other, and it’s bullshit. Everything became so fake. I used to admire Kat, she was my idol, and now, I’m just like.. fuck. This sucks.

  7. robrobrobrob100


  8. robrobrobrob100

    Kay is the? star of the shop

  9. xk4l3l

    corey is better than kat … all the people? whi is gonna make a tatto , alway loking for corey .. so he is everything. kat is nothing.

  10. joeybeeman

    mikey dont give a shit coreys gone!!! He is happy her rock is no longer here but mikey himself has? left to go back to tennesee!! Its on twitter!

  11. zaqua3

    No he wanted to open up an art galery he has a shop he had a shop since before highvoltage existed but? he has wanted to open an art gallery for the past few years in this show

  12. isaalool

    oh okay? :)

  13. isaalool

    he had his own shop? before she opened it ..

  14. evac5719

    anyone know the riff at? 06:38? thanks.

  15. samandleebff

    Kat is entitled to do her show any way she likes…I do not see her as unprofessional… at all.

  16. Googlhimer1

    Why the heck is he getting a? tatoo if he’s homeless???!!!! Super dumb.

  17. gahaim

    I hate how this show has progressed away from the art and turned into an unscripted drama.
    Working for Kat would be an absolute nightmare, she’s? just so unprofessional.

  18. disney1nickjluvr45

    if i get a tattoo,? getting it from Kat would be SO amazing!

  19. 1910anahi1979

    How cn They not ask about Corey when He was the best in there.. Kat fucked up big time?

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