Kat Von D Brown Inspired Makeup Look With Stars Posted by admin on August 3rd, 2012 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Brown Inspired Makeup Look With Stars”

  1. dijornopizza

    Are you? Hispanic?

  2. Aalovesyou13

    Your? really sexy & I’m a girl lol but pretty

  3. msKILLjoy911

    It looks super pretty,but I think? it looks a little better without the lipstick part :)

  4. Chizzluvskeleton

    Me Gusta!?

  5. RapQueen13

    I like?

  6. jenni6299813


  7. muhkennnstephany

    Ps u inspire? me to be myself! Thanks

  8. muhkennnstephany


  9. MissPurpleKush

    KAT theres no E… O________O? ya goof

  10. KyleeCuddlesWithKids

    ojfsbrjrsn you look extemely? pretty.

  11. Mr1stproject

    what took you? 12 mins to do is probly gonna take others 12 hours rofl bad ass

  12. thatsmrsnewman

    yeah? that a dude..

  13. fudgekinGJ

    hahaha its funny how you talk, love the wrist piercing!! BTW! awesome make up:D?

  14. WolfGangOFWGKTA

    Your very beautiful? :)

  15. blackkitten1415

    love ur hair? style and the makeup :)

  16. vampir335

    what? a nose

  17. MimiEatsLollipops


  18. MimiEatsLollipops

    WOW.? . . ITS A GIRL

  19. MsXxlightningxx

    shes a GIRL -_-
    damn blind people!!? =/
    good job btw 😀

  20. nailfunnycooking

    r u a boy? or a girl

  21. brokengreenmarker

    what a? dumb bitch

  22. Rosie1869

    i love? ur piercing in ur wrist:)!!!!, and u could pass for a chola!!

  23. Rosie1869

    i love ur piercing? in ur wrist:)!!!!

  24. DeetroitKID16147

    sharpie lol same here its fun to draw on urself? ppl tell me its stupid but its not!!!!

  25. DeetroitKID16147

    kewl wrist pearcing!!!?

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