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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Make Up”

  1. Chanelliebird

    I love kat von d shes an amazing artist & really hot? to lol

  2. Deebeez01

    You? already kinda look like her without the make up, but identical with it :) very pretty

  3. DethMetalDoll


  4. danalajeunesse

    don’t worry about the negative ppl. I am used to them. It rolls off my back.? Until they have a successful channel and do better work than I, they can blab all they want. No one is listening. Glad you like my videos!

  5. DethMetalDoll

    @patricia how is this ugly?? It seems to me? you are jealous that’s why you say that This is nice @ danalaJeunesse I have watch some of your video I’m really pleased by them you do so wonderful This is your channel do what you want and if people bash you Hey tell them back you got a new subscriber :)

  6. danalajeunesse

    OMG? thanks!!!!!

  7. patriciacerros


  8. RippnerVision

    ????????? How do you? figure? -lol-

  9. shutupimsleeping911

    your really pretty and im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous ? and i wish i was a pretty as you!

  10. danalajeunesse

    thanks for the educational input. I was not? aware. Really Mom?

  11. itouchQueen

    its not really funny to say are you retarded, some people actually are retarded and they and some are? not even able to put on makeup or experience life like we do, so watch what you say because thats really mean

  12. danalajeunesse

    false again. Just? don’t tolerate idiotic comments. Don’t get all butt hurt.

  13. ArtLuvr13

    wow jus saying but ur an ass. i digg? your vids but beauty is apparently only skin deep here

  14. 666Bloodjane


  15. danalajeunesse


  16. purpleunicornx1

    Your lip stick is messed up.? Just saying.

  17. danalajeunesse

    Are you retarded? I am well aware that they are tattoos. I do not not care what you believe should be done in MY video. Now I’d like to bring your? attention to the fact that douchey comments such as your are not welcomed here :)

  18. TheArsonistPrincess

    okay can i just bring to your attention the stars ARE NOT make up! their tattoos? and i don’t believe that they should be imitated as make up

  19. customanimalart

    yeah-asteriks may be the way to go lol
    I am REALLY bad at 5 pt stars..horrible,one side always looks wonky..thats when I try to draw them the traditional way…not the typical way (whIch suck too)
    One photo I found I could only count about 18 stars/some were so small they looked like little dots.I know she has three dots under her right eye above the? lightning bolt(thing) that are a dot at each triangle point, but a few of those stars on the other side are small O.o

  20. danalajeunesse

    lol…I scribbled them? in like Astrix’s…

  21. customanimalart

    yeah-I googled her yesterday as well and found alot of photos, but only a few of them? are useful enough for makeup reference. thanks for the rply
    She really needs to come out with a transfer tatoo or stencil for her stars…those seem really difficult to do. (and have them look right)
    I also, suck at stars so that would be a nightmare on its own. lol

  22. danalajeunesse

    I just googled her and found a picture of her on a red carpet? somewhere i believe….

  23. customanimalart

    hey guys-does anyone know what reference picture Dana used? Was it one from the LUDWIG palette or something else? I woud LOVE to try this, BUT I am blond/blue eyes and think I might look RIDICULOUS trying the KVD eyebrows & stars. I need a black wig-the whole 9 yds to even remotely? pull this off. And only for halloween would I even attempt LOL
    Good Job Dana. The best I’ve seen on YT so far….
    She should sell tattooed bodysuits as a costume. haha

  24. D0LLYV0MIT

    love it! and i love your? eyebrows

  25. Rinikitty

    <3? love it, you look amazing

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