Chantal (Morningwood) and James Euringer (Jimmy Urine – Mindless Self Indulgence / MSI) go to LA Ink Posted by admin on August 2nd, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Chantal goes to LA Ink to get a tattoo of her tour crush – her husband, James Euringer. Copyright TLC

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25 Responses to “Chantal (Morningwood) and James Euringer (Jimmy Urine – Mindless Self Indulgence / MSI) go to LA Ink”

  1. MartyredxMaiden

    you wouldnt be able to type that comment if what you said was? true XD

  2. MartyredxMaiden

    its the real life? SLC Punk sad ending, but they look happy so thats all that matters

  3. KissUnderTheRadar

    Jimmy is so adorable c:?


    *fangirl scream*?

  5. DreameroftheDark

    First Frank gets tattooed by Kat, now Chantal xD I’m happy now? <3

  6. MCRmyPirate


  7. Janerrockssocks07

    Oh my gosh, their cuteness? literally made me melt!!!~~~

  8. asalston

    Thats so? adorable lol

  9. petyrlokiiago

    I love how shy he? is! o_o

  10. rebekahwilson483

    how did i not? know they were on LA Ink before now?!! :OO

  11. catastrophuc

    LOL, I was watching this when I first realized they were married. “Wait, why is the? lead singer from that underground-ish band I like with that other lead singer from the other underground-ish band I like? WTF, they’re married? Awesome!”

  12. missylee5

    Damn I hate her! I was hoping to have my way with him after the? concert this March!

  13. mynamebestname

    something iZ verrry? wrong!…

  14. pyropyromania

    can i just wrap the Lin-Z around your neck and choke you on it until you blurt? out sperm? thank you. lol jk i wouldn’t do that but fucking wATCH YOUR LANGUAGE

  15. Ascending567

    I didn’t even notice Jimmy was there for almost half the video…i? thought that was just some guy XD
    It’s just that he was so…STILL..and, CALM…that’s weird!!!

  16. brandiboo1231

    jimmy acted a? little too normal… so weird

  17. pekingente13

    i have watched that on tv some time ago, last year or something and i was like going nuts seeing jimmy there in the tv my eyes were like OO
    cos I live in germany and actually they? never show stuff like this

  18. MsLunaLullaby

    That’s so? precious. I love them as a couple. So fuckin’ cute

  19. b1bab

    this was on tv? the other day and i started flipping out and my fmily had no idea what was going on.

  20. glitterfreeze1111

    Fucking sweet.? <3

  21. RunAwayDove

    Aww? mi gawd CUTE!

  22. PenguinsHaveProblems

    Hehe. Jimmy looks? kind of awkward.

  23. HikariAppleButterFly

    luckiest girl ever? ;o

  24. adrnalineandroid


  25. asylumteddybear

    Hahah… James.? D’aww.

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