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So i was watching LA Ink and all of a sudden Frank walks in!! lol anyways i thought i’d record it in case u missed the episode. Sorry my camera isn’t the best and u might want to put the volume up sorta hard to hear. well hope u enjoy!

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25 Responses to “Frank Iero Getting a tattoo LA Ink Kat Von D num 1”

  1. amixwirakazo

    wow they did not know him? xD
    well seh should start listening..

  2. stellabella82

    HOW in the hell did they not know who he was/IS??

  3. taryn0777

    i freakin watch la ink all the time i cant believe i missed? this

  4. MiniAnnaMolly24

    I prefer? Miami Ink xD

  5. breach4

    how do they not know who Frank Iero, frank is like a god compered to them! holy shit , i watched this one, and they act like he just want some camera time thats why he went down ther, shoot that boy just has to say the words film me and? theyed make a doc of hem, shoot

  6. shniggum

    bahaha he seems? so surprised when she doesnt know what band he’s from.

  7. perfectscrewup

    Oh geez.
    I’m going to stalk this place now.?

  8. Moshandrollyeahh

    She’s lucky she’s? never heard it..

  9. Jasmine01Nicole

    she gets? to meet Frank and she doesn’t even know he’s in MCR? oh well she must just not listen to his music … :(

  10. thefuckheadsgalore

    No need to diss Pixie? just because she doesn’t know who Frank is.

  11. lakergirl312763

    Sorry im not sure. but? i think it is.

  12. frankierolover13

    is? this season two?

  13. AllieIsBored

    I am soooooo angry! I could have totally watched this epidode! I was watching tv and I saw someone say “I’m getting my grandfather tattoed” and I didn’t realize it? was Frank! I know it was now because I just watched him say it and it clicked in my brain and I’m just like “OMG! I’m so retarded! I could have watched this!”

  14. lakergirl312763

    glad u? enjoyed!! :]

  15. xxPandaBoomxx

    I just wanted you to know? I FRIKKIN’ LOVE YOU!!!!!! I missed the episode my friend decided that she was to lazy to tell me…..T.T

  16. underagegal

    thats the dumbest thing.hes FRANK for gods sake.pixie bitch.what kinda name is PIXIE??

  17. SapphireBlueRocker

    makes me happy? to see him :)

  18. ISwEaRImSaNe

    i? thought bob was the muscle lol

  19. ISwEaRImSaNe

    frank? is so looooovable

  20. lakergirl312763

    EXACTLY!!! i couldn’t believe she didn’t kno? who he was!

  21. mari21duffan72

    OMG! ^^? He Is Chris Papiii xD :]

  22. underagegal

    who doesn’t? know my chemical romance?!?


    omg? ur so kewl cant wait for the clearer bersion of this..

  24. cbXmcrXfob

    lol ♥?

  25. lakergirl312763

    It fruit frm? the fruit basket they had.

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