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20 Responses to “LA Ink s05e09 part5”

  1. Mistymcawesome


  2. jems5435

    You cant do walk ins in? that shop there is like over a year of wait listing

  3. jamzales

    bitch shouldn’t have to apologize. stupid bitch. She wanted in Corey’s pants bottom? line. it was a relief when Kat finally told psycho bitch to walk. Ya Liz brought really bad energy to the shop. kaniving pathological lier

  4. adoptedbyapopmachine

    and wow it seems? paulie forgets that it was aubrey who got him work!

  5. nefertitiify

    Kat is? a bitch

  6. JEM4JS

    this show is so ridiculous i want? to puke. i’ll keep watching it though . im past the point of no return.

  7. natoplace

    Corey just lost his fucking mind. Why does he think having an excuse makes it a good one?? I don’t see how he can call Kat disrespectful when he flippantly gives his excuse as if she has to accept it. If he wants that time, he can’t tell her after the fact – THAT’S disrespectful.

  8. karategirl101

    I still respect Kat she is like? one of my idols. I don’t care what anyone says.

  9. scholte

    ease nausea or headache maybe?

  10. scholte

    wouldnt it be funny if they edited and cut coreys sentence even on the phone to? greg

  11. KaitRocksYourSocks

    am i the only one who skips through all the amrican? electric bullshit?

  12. jadesimonejordanox

    liz isn’t right in the head, does she know? that they can all watch this? and the stuff she’s been saying. they will find out! aha.

  13. DonkeyParadise

    *Film Corey’s face*: Kat talks like a robot

    *Film Kat’s face*: Corey talks like? a robot.

    Al sentences are a mix of old stuff and it’s so fucking annoying. Does Kat and the others not know what? they are doing with the show or what? Can’t they just have them say whatever the fuck they want to show us? At least it would be more real, like actually SEEING theire faces when they’re talking.

  14. peaceloveacceptance

    Who would have ever thought? Jimmy Urine would act to BORING!?! :/

  15. saramarieshaaban

    God I fucking hate Liz. What a fucking piece of? shit person- so dumb

  16. ggabriellegoyvaerts

    FINNALYY paulie said to? aubrey (about being addicted to drama) what i was thinking this WHOLE time !

  17. Winter18Wonderland

    Why on earth would you have to lay down for? a small wrist tattoo? :S

  18. thevirtualnightmare

    jimmy? urine lol wtf

  19. minautautruss

    Me too!! I thought I recognized him at the end? of the previous video!

  20. ukgirlonce

    she had to lay down for? that tattoo ..

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