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25 Responses to “NIKKI SIXX AND KAT VON D”

  1. jill avery

    she is hella? lucky. he is old but syill reallyyy hott

  2. bfold11

    hell,? i’d fuck him.. and he’s older than my dad

  3. beacaom77

    I like the way Nikki holds? her

  4. patty45100

    actually he will be 52 this year she is like? what 30 lmao!!!!!!!.

  5. WinterStream

    Well they’re no longer together…haven’t for over a year now. Woo!?

  6. donna0086

    SHe’s a whore….she’s been with everyone in the music industry and some of the tattoo industry. She screwed Nikki over, not once BUT 2 times by going back to Jesse. Thats just wrong!! I’ve LOST all respect for her. I use to love Kat but? not anymore. I know Nikki is probably sensitive to negative comments about her because he still probably cares for her deeply but he can do so much better and find someone that LOVES him and not just for looks and money.,….for him as a person!

  7. skaterboymark1

    he is? soo lucky lol

  8. KajsaJae

    I love them together,? perfect match!
    like so much better then his playboy wives.

  9. lablesr4soupcans

    random ass Jefferee Starr. This video made me smile :) Nikki? Sixx is an amazing individual and if you haven’t read Heroin Diaries I encourage you to do so. Kat Von D is gorgeous and extremely talented. I’m very glad for them :) And I have to agree that they both have amazing style.

  10. happytobeproud

    dude when you are 50 and banging a 26 year old, you wont be saying its gross. nikki is the man. 50 and still taking care? of the ladies..

  11. happytobeproud

    LOL? hahaaha ORBY, what a lame ass. nikki all the way..

  12. highVoltage1969

    Isn’t? this the sort of vid a stalker would compile?

    Nice pics tho…

  13. pekoe

    50 1958?

  14. pekoe


  15. xobuffybearxo

    Actually he was born in 1958.
    So? he’s 50.

  16. MissNovak273

    there so cute hope they last? ages.

  17. jasonroxsox

    HAHAHAHA 2:38… jeffree wants in !? lol xD

  18. digyourowngrave666

    Nikki may? be 50, but he’s hott lol 😛

  19. StuffBurner

    What about Orby? D:?

  20. Leetah91

    this was so sweet? they’re the cutest couple ever !!

  21. xoNYCgirl

    yeeah, suuch a sexy? couple !

  22. nemesis6014

    …born Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr.? December 11, 1958

  23. Edvardonikel

    they are a? couple????”

  24. micgriddle69

    they? look great together, good luck ya

  25. TheOnlyVansboy

    Nikki may be 50? but he looks like he’s 30!! I mean it! I think he and Kat fits perfectly!

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