Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx Leaving Jackass 3D Premiere Posted by admin on July 28th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx leaving Jackass 3D premiere together in Los Angeles. ©www.MishMashMagazine.com

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx Leaving Jackass 3D Premiere”

  1. EE9EER

    the irony and hypocrisy in your comment sickens me… guess who filmed this video? guess who watched this video? … retard!! without paparazzi most of these videos you watch wouldn’t even be here!.. be thankful? someone got it on tape and put it up here so you can easily watch it n troll like a noob!

  2. AssociateAdvocate79

    I wonder if Nikki got a? senior citizens discount.

  3. bettiep

    Nikki’s like a little love sick puppy! He’s like soo happy that he’s walking w her! I want to get a bunch of tattoos just? like them!! I do want to do that sometimes..

  4. TheLordYankee


  5. imajessachu

    Everyone is slagging off how they ignored fans and stuff, all they wanted to do was walk across the road and go wherever they was in peace and? not get mobbed by everyone.

  6. earache70

    It? must be a pain in the ass to have to dress that way every day.

  7. MsPoizonGirl

    Kat Von D is a very smart and talented woman. She has the reason to date whoever she wants. She is also? very independent. I just wish she will get back with Nikki Sixx because they match each other.

  8. ta2dave

    They’re? yesterdays news. Cat Von Nobody.

  9. wormsinfestedfetus

    die from? clamydia is impossible 😛

  10. NitqchAndComrades

    nikki u should walk with? a cane that be sweet

  11. leif10110

    i wish i can? just casually walk across the street along with nikki sixx….

  12. Lolwoo1

    Well the whole point was that she ignored fans, who? cares about the papparazzi?!! And these celebs know what they’re getting themselves in for before they sign their life away so why complain??!!! It makes no sense..

  13. TopJesse

    Did you hear the things they were saying?! Papparazzi? must’ve pissed her off cuz I know they would piss me off! Why don’t you go watch this video and then tell us what you think. /watch?v=ys2PUT29TwE

  14. Lolwoo1

    She’s a snob, I heard fans calling out to her and she kept walking…were all flesh and blood you know, they are? not better than us because they perform…

  15. XxKaeMonsterxX

    Wow people need to chill out, I would say there just friends. They have a lot in common after reading all of Nikki’s books and Kat’s books I notece they are a lot alike, Just because they were seen together it doesnt mean there doing each other.

  16. defleppardbabe88

    He’s? mine Kat! He’s mine!

  17. mrgumbo2011

    Mr. & Mrs. Skank.?

  18. DannyGurlA7X

    This is chasing after a girl to a whole new level….?

  19. 888WhildChild888

    This is? stalking…!

  20. ebbenyjuancarlos

    I think i heard a little girls voice? calling her name and she didn’t even care! omg how rude is she! And i used to like her, but now that i saw this im like Oh no she is really rude and i dont like rude people!!

  21. MomOf4KickapooUS

    Kat is a stuck up? bitch!

  22. HeidiLouiseJ

    All of you below talk crap. She never cheated on? anybody. She ended it with her Husband, went with Orbi- was friends with Nikki at the time, and when her and Orbi broke up she went on a date with Nikki- she was never with anybody from Jackass. The stuff people make up is hilarious. She is not a slut.

  23. slikkar

    I was happy for Nikki when they parted ways…cus he deserves? better…

  24. serenity258

    ohh!! thanks for the info i was really like ok wtf about her? i didnt know that she was with so many famous guys.. Yeap Jesse this nice guy.. whatever she is a? grown up to realize that she is a bitch about how she treat to Nikki and about her life..

  25. timphx623

    nikki looks like he is a little light in the loafers… the way he pranced across the street. probably a? closet h0m0

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