Frank Iero Getting a tattoo LA Ink Kat Von D num 3 Posted by admin on July 27th, 2012 | Comments (21) |

Clip of Frank explaining the tattoo he wants to get. Of his granpa :] Not the best video but thought maybe if u missed the show you might want to see it.

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21 Responses to “Frank Iero Getting a tattoo LA Ink Kat Von D num 3”

  1. claire1Fun

    this is so? amazing :))))))))

  2. donnakayt1

    Reply of you are like? me and what to hug frank!lol

  3. gerardandjess

    u? guys r 2 nice. if i say something i mean it and i dont take it back. u dont like it then…

  4. meyiero

    i agree that? kat von D is not a bitch, i was talking about the other girl..and when i said that she was a bitch i mean because the way she left him just like that..not like she is a real bitch..

  5. queenNichita

    oh? you were talking about pixie..sorry

  6. queenNichita

    Kat Von D is not? a bitch.
    She’s an excellent artist and such an inspiration

  7. queenNichita

    Kat Von D is not a bitch.
    Shes an excellent? artist and such an inspiration

  8. Explainit63

    I just think she looks like a bitch (sounds like a bitch). x)

    Sorry, (if you like her) i dont always think before? i talk (write?) :/

    Sorry for bad english x(

  9. lizrocks888

    wat.? how do u know if shes a bitch or not.

  10. Explainit63

    I? TOTALLY agree!! xp <3

  11. meyiero

    he really said aw thanks
    xD lol, better if she? left
    i don’t want frankie talking to that bitch xD

  12. jessiharlot

    aww guys pixie was just joking. you can hear her? laugh in the back ground and frank was smiling…

  13. lakergirl312763

    My fav.? part!

  14. ISwEaRImSaNe

    i love it when pixie walks away? and he goes Aw Thanks

  15. lakergirl312763

    i took it sarcastically but? idk

  16. mari21duffan72

    hehe I think he was! that? pixie wahhhhhhh xD

  17. underagegal

    when that pixie bitch? walked away did frank say “aw thanks” sarcastically?or am i imagining too much?haha

  18. mcrlover264

    wow. what a bitch. i officially hate? Pixie.
    yup. i do.

  19. MarthaXFiles

    yeah she is such a bitch,
    i hate pixie!
    she didnt even know who Frankie was for god sake!
    he said ”Im in a band” and she? was like ”Really? What band?”
    omg i was like wtf….
    but yeah if i were Frankie i would totally start ignoring her

  20. lakergirl312763

    I kno! but? i loved Franks reaction he was lyk umm ok lol

  21. sandersidle

    Pixie was so rude there… She just walked away when Kat said Frank can? talk to her. Wtf.

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