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20 Responses to “LA Ink S04E06 part5”

  1. MsMickieLynn

    It looks like Aubrey is constantly making the duck? face.

  2. VeryYoungGrasshopper

    Corey’s a smart? guy.

  3. RevelationProphet

    Aubrey? should work in to a strip club, in that kind of job she always gets something inside her mouth to keep it shut. hahaha

  4. IkiinHD

    they aint bullies… she just needs? to step the fuck up.. ridiculous the ammount she has moaned. and she needs to think before she speaks/acts. so cringey to watch i cant wait till they move on from her.

  5. moonfacemoonfacemoo

    I think they need to remember that this is? all Kat’s brother’s fault.

  6. 909sophielou

    kat? is such a bitch to aubrey

  7. deesan82

    Haha, they get mad because she called adrianne a bitch but yet they call her all kinds of name like air head etc… it’s okay to humiliate someone stupid that just wants to be on tv isn’t it? i think not. They are being assholes and aubrey wants to be on tv as much as all of the other people there… isn’t that obvious. either way, they just need to fire her instead of treating her like garbage regardless of how she acts. Kat’s “business? owner skills” are the worst i’ve ever seen…

  8. thegetsomethingnice

    ugly blond? moron -.-

  9. ericvid

    She just wants? to be on TV.

  10. MsSweetdennise

    she’s sooo Dumb!! I? Would die for that Job! Haha!

  11. sugarychocobot

    No, she’s? just an idiot. She got less than what she deserved.

  12. SSBetty

    Why dont they just fire her. I think? that cat wants to give her a fair chance, why else would she keep her around, but sometimes people just dont click – and even though there not gonna hang out or be friends, people still need to be able to be in the same place.

  13. Maiingan125

    Awww… boo hoo poor aubrey. She doesn’t do her fricken job and never shuts up, and THEY”RE being mean??? I think not!!?

  14. BukBukkas

    They’re? fucking bullies

  15. minusminkers

    boo fuckin? hoo

  16. harhainen

    we all know that u dont? know dumb bitch

  17. RattleheadAnthony

    I hope they give her? the boot real soon. :/

  18. soaperadorable

    Aubrey? is rank and annoying and a dumbass!!

  19. zizzilock

    not as ugly as your? mum, hehehe

  20. myleskubicek

    aubrey is the ugliest women? on earth, in fact, she doesnt look like a woman, she looks like a scrawny man

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