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sorry guys i don’t have episode 5 .this is episode 6. enjoy.

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20 Responses to “LA Ink S04E06 part1”

  1. XXUtterNutterXX

    FIRE HER!!!?

  2. MsCroatoan

    Sure, Aubrey is useless, but then they should just fire her. This? way they are punishing her for something that they’re allowing her to do.

  3. lloydymk

    Everyone whining about people being mean to aubrey , shes an absolute airhead who cant do anything correct, the only time people giving her shit is when she is doin somethin wrong which is all the time, i mean come on how hard can it be to run simple errands. tell u now if i showed up 2 hrs late for work wit tht attitude then id be? oout the door straight away, the girl lives in her own little world, shes a fuckin idiot. But Kat seriously needs to grow balls n fire her.

  4. lounon

    Its season 3 not season? 4…

  5. RevelationProphet

    Blonde People are 100%? dumb Aubrey is the proof hahaha

  6. gagatep450

    the show is staged. i’m sure the business goes smoothly but they just need a little drama so? that people would actually watch.

  7. engelarzt

    Aubry really wasn’t that bad, she was always trying to? make everybody laughs, but she was not right for the job, not her fault she was hired…

  8. supernatt924

    watch the first season before she? got all weird lol

  9. NightxAngell

    No, it’s not right to be late for your job, but with the way Aubrey’s treated there, I really don’t blame her for not giving a shit. Nobody would take a job that seriously if all of the people there treated you like crap no matter what you do.? Personally I would have just quit, because Kat’s staff are obviously just a high school clicque who have made it very clear they want nothing to do with anyone else besides themselves.

  10. BadBoyer88

    Oh god, it’s a tattoo shop not a damn spa…. -_-?

  11. SuperCityPioneers

    Wow? Kat’s sister is naaaasty! =/

  12. BukBukkas

    I used to like Kat, but the way everyone is so mean to? Aubrey is disgusting!! They’re just bullies. Pathetic!!!

  13. BukBukkas

    I used to like Kat, but the way everyone is so mean to Aubrey is disgusting. They’re just bullies!!! ? Pathetic.

  14. dimokurte

    Wait. Is she annoying on purpose? I mean, do the producers tell her to be this? kind of ignorant? Come on…

  15. StayMono

    The? fork has 5 spikes – that´s shitty.

  16. juggalo093

    shut up kat is? beautiful

  17. rambojuliuscaesar

    No worries about? Ep 5, thanks a bunch!

  18. uckerydul101

    shut the? hell up! so what if she has nasty nail! so! no ones perfect!~!!!!!!


  19. krakrakrala

    Kat von d always has soooo nasty nails. Yak! she is gross. And? har hair. dear god.
    Now that is unprofessional.

  20. xYeshi

    loool what did aubry mean “its not? the end of the world” well duhhh!
    Neither is a broken ankle but it’s still not good. Being 2 hours late is not acceptable :S

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