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Chris Garver and Kat Von D team up to inflict maximum pain on Jerry. To see Kat opening up her business go to

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – 50’s Pinups”

  1. MsSpade13

    kat looks like some rock’n’roll chick gone hip? hop here hahahah

  2. duffie456

    I liked Kat’s better? :) Thats my idol right there! Hoping to be where she is someday

  3. michellenn93

    Way too much talking, I would have freaked out and told them to shut up. I prefer? silence when Im in pain, plus that was just really annoying.

  4. boxofweedmw2haxed

    what ever its still pretty creepy bc hes liek 15 years older then her? lol

  5. karategirl101

    they? were married. lol

  6. boxofweedmw2haxed

    hollyshit kat von d was going out with oliver peck? wtf?!?

  7. TheBecauseimawesome

    Those? tats are fucking ace

  8. eljoshua

    he looks like ROGER FEDERER? !!! XD

  9. MsLola9090

    1.28 the guy’s? tshirt has an illuminati f£@$£ thing !

  10. Eledear

    “‘Cause? we’re frands!” XD

  11. TeenAgedAssassins

    her earing? says KatVonD

  12. girlsruleboysdrule09


  13. xxtasha10xx

    She has her own style and is proud? of it thats why :)

  14. xxtasha10xx

    She has her own style and is proud? of it thats why :)

  15. xxtasha10xx

    She has her own style and is proud of it thats? why :)

  16. Minajswe

    1:18 The allseeing? eye omg

  17. KlausVonBraun

    its real? cooooooooooooooool~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  18. jetsal

    The bald chick in the green shirt??

  19. lyingmongoose

    Noooo! She’s got a husband?? Bummer.

  20. elephantasmic

    Kat could do so much better? than that pussy


    kat is soo hot i dont understand why? she goes for the not so cute ?

  22. GCFamPaul

    I? love Garver:)

  23. TallyVanWyngarden

    she’s so beautiful here ?

  24. jessicaisabossduh

    What’s wrong with Kat’s arm? Did she have a tattoo? removed?

  25. sasbrother

    kat has here own shop now? yes

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