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20 Responses to “LA Ink S04E09 part1”

  1. RaccoonMayhem

    @Ibsnielsen, shes? long gone

  2. Ibsnielsen

    Where is? Pixie?

  3. heatherela

    aubry’s cat is? sooo fat

  4. TonightsWish

    What’s? his band called?

  5. Boredoutofmywits

    …We are no therapists or psychologists — we don’t want to listen to people’s tragedy stories. If you’re working on three or four clients a day, hearing? sob stories all the time is just going to be driving you up the wall.” Louis Molloy, Britsidh tattooist to the stars

  6. Boredoutofmywits

    “If there is one way that you can really piss a tattooist off, it is by going in and asking for a tattoo because it represents this, that,? and the other,”. “I mean, in being really frank, [tattooists] we don’t give a flying fuck what they represent because we are just here to do a job…

  7. louieaubergine

    Haha, Dan absolutely HATES? Aubry!

  8. PhillipFrolixx

    Isn’t this the cutest baby ever? Yeah but except of the cone head.?

  9. supernatt924

    lol i love how NOBODY thinks aubry is funny?

  10. stevebballin1

    oh, hey! the cameras just so happened to be around aubrey at the right time and caught corey bumping into her!? :p

  11. NightxAngell

    That was a? great tattoo that he got. Adoption is such a wonderful thing. He had great parents.

  12. musicisbomb123

    ha i’m adopted? too! yay!

  13. RattleheadAnthony

    Aubrey should have tried this joke:? What do a gynecologist and pizzaboy have in common? They both can smell it but can’t eat it.

  14. jimmorrison123456

    was it? Taylorsville?

  15. fumeres

    aubrey must? die

  16. HaleyOfAwesome

    !!! I was just thinking “That guy looks really familiar”. Well turns out he came to? my high school a few years ago with his band and played during our lunch. They started playing a rihanna song and I so I left. But still, that was really random.

  17. limonenlight

    aubrey really needs to? go..

  18. imtwys


  19. thatthatthat

    thanks for the upload!!! keep? it up :)

  20. chipityzu

    aubreys jokes are? awkward

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