One Direction’s Harry & Zayn Get Tattoos From Kat Von D Posted by admin on June 27th, 2012 | Comments (25) | – Click to Subscribe! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Harry Styles and Zayn Malik of One Direction hit up celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D’s Los Angeles shop over the weekend to get some new art work and we have the full story. The guys of 1D are no strangers to tattoos, and this time around Zayn opted for something that should make sense considering he is a singer, as he chose to get a very sizable microphone on the inside of his forearm. Harry went for something a bit less obvious, choosing to get inked with the words “won’t stop til we surrender.” This line comes from Temper Trap’s song “Sweet Disposition.” So the common factor here — both Harry and Zayn got music-related tattoos, and while this outing probably marked a high point on their tour so far, we wondering how it compared to the experience of having dozens of bras hurled at them during their show on Saturday — never a dull moment with One Direction. For more 411 on all things entertainment subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube. I’m Joslyn Davis — thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time! Hosted by: Joslyn Davis

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25 Responses to “One Direction’s Harry & Zayn Get Tattoos From Kat Von D”

  1. lilpeanut2399

    u bet ur Jimmy theres never a dull moment with? One Direction.

  2. AarynJensen

    Ahhh that’s soo cool Harry chose that? song!! I LOVE that song!! 😀

  3. elRey8405

    i looove? kat von d she s so good at tatoos 3

  4. julietgonz

    i LOVE kat von D from la ink ahh I cant even type tht’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  5. Zumi709

    I wanna get a? tatto and I luv zayn’s tattoos

  6. LoveMyLife1996

    Oh, thanks? :)

  7. gfasika

    she kept? saying ME-LEEK instead of how your suposed to say it and people were getting mad.

  8. TheSaryYoutu2

    “Sweet Disposition”!? I Love that song to death! Awesome choice Hazza!!
    Love ’em! <3

  9. Nathalie sounakhen

    BTW! Its Zayn!!!!! Get your spelling right? BITCH!!!!!!!!

  10. Nathalie sounakhen

    Oh just be quiet they can do what ever they want to do!!!!! So STFU!!!! it doesn’t matter if they get tattoos!! Or anything? like that!!!! True fans will except them for who they are cause we LOVE them no matter what!!! ? ?

  11. 4EverCreddie1

    I think that’s so stupid! Especially Zanys! I mean he may think its? cool right now, but what about when your 85 years old…. It will be all wrinkly and old looking…. Good luck my friend

  12. dylandec19

    Really?! It’s so funny that you say that considering the way Brits say it is really weird (Not in a Bad Way) LOL I think it is hysterical that People with such? a Strange accent find American accents funny :)

  13. atonyromo

    oooh muchas gracias! yay!! :D?

  14. fuzzypeach03

    @wuzup51? thats cuz instead of having his arms covered with random shit like dragons and stuff he has things that r meaningful to him and girls like that

  15. matthewtrex

    My cat won’t stop biteing me. She? never usually bites me. She must be hyper or something.

  16. matthewtrex

    Wuzup51 zayns? tattoos do have meanings FYI.

  17. matthewtrex

    Umm excuse me kazzycakes? Oh? wait read your comment wrong. I thought you saisd Zayn deserves all the hate. But both you and me (And every directioner out there) know not one guy from one direction deserves hate. Unless we’re talking about the American that is an other story…

  18. TheBeckiboo968

    I really? like both their tattoos… And I am extremely jealous that they had them done by Kat Von D…

  19. mrsmalik1dlove

    fuck u! zayn can do whatever he wants with? his body. it’s his not urs. and zayn looks sexy no matter what.

  20. festy dementia

    is that any of your busines???? like really!

  21. AvrilLavignefan0900

    They’re 18-19 year old boys? it can’t come as a suprise

  22. nurellisha15

    I’ve never sent hate to zayn’s tattoo’s and I am happy for him! I’m? just saying that he is getting to much tattoo’s!! #nohate

  23. ch4rm3dchaz

    LOL the way that Americans? say harry is hilarious :)

  24. kazzycakes

    Umm , Zayn can get as many tattoos as he wants . But , I hope he understand it’s a perminate decision , and like , it stays with him forever . I love Zayn , don’t get me wrong , but he doesn’t deserve all this hate from people? .

  25. oxoxforever101

    stfu? tired of hate towards his tat like please its his body and his choices, not yours so be happy for him at least. k.

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