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24 Responses to “LA Ink S04E04 part5”

  1. aliciaanne

    Jesus has kissy lips. LOL! I Love Jesus but not? that tattoo.

  2. FeedUsFetusFajitas

    >_> Kat doesn’t do? color for a reason..

  3. TheKieshaKiesha

    wow whats up with jesus’s lil black lips? hahaha and his? head is all misshaped damn thats brutal. and u can tell the guy hates it. hes like… I like it.. i like the beams lol…. oh FUCK THAT SUCKS! i would trip

  4. Michelle1997Jette

    He made Jesus look like? a chick.

  5. RevelationProphet

    Blonde people are dumb for? real man!!! like this chic AUBREY

  6. Animonstar95

    Adrianne is? fuckin awesome!

  7. ZOMBlondster

    it looked like jesus had pin up chick lips not a freakin’? smile dude..

  8. MisakiModel

    The dicks made her cry. Yes she shouldn’t have taken down the artwork of the boss and messed up? the front desk, but no way should they have attacked her like that.
    Wow Corey’s gotten nasty! Never expected that.

  9. supernatt924

    SO staged. i can think of a million examples. especially phone? calls, like when they called amy to tell her she was hired. why the hell would there be camera people at her house? and the friggin bounce house. there’s no way aubry could be that stupid. and how paulie was magically at the bar with aubry and the camera crew. grrrr.
    i’m actually a bit offended that they’d expect me to think this was real.

  10. KezNezzxDexKlutz

    this has to be partly staged at least…Aubrey has? to be brought in as an actress and told to do drama no way would she get away with that.

  11. dashbella

    pauly’s tatt was? shithouse. def free touch up when the cameras are off,

  12. SuperCityPioneers

    they are really? mean to Aubrey, yes she’s stupid & clueless and everything but at least she tries you know…

  13. 4ckedhero

    show is? staged

  14. atfatw

    tv really is a sleazy sinister ghetto inhabited by all sorts of creeps, weirdos,? skanks,
    and all other kinds of repulsives geeks. Kat doesn’t have any hobbies and is not interested in travel so her dubiously clean tatoo joint and tv are her world

  15. afterkillx4

    When someone says makes yourself at home I get naked and eat cookies.? Doesn’t everyone else?

  16. stevebballin1

    pretty sure it’s just for the drama… they probably? think it makes for good tv to keep her on the show.

  17. SSBetty

    Dont understand why she? doesnt get fired, barbie is sooo annoying. she is so clueless.

  18. dday1233

    Aubry is a moron! lmaoooo I hope she gets fired!? lmao

  19. GirlIKnow1

    wonder if nikki got kat the motley crue shirt? :)

  20. Rambo261

    that dumb bitch put a fucking shawn barber painting? on the floor!!!! she should be shot for that

  21. shoutatthedevil89

    motley crue t shirt, i love kat looks hot but tht just tops her? off, a hot chick in a crue top, nikki’s had an influence on her 😉

  22. 012cupcakes

    Hey deepzeadiver, i just like? to say thankyou for posting all of LA Ink.

  23. girl123interrupted

    I didn’t like the jesus tattoo. Compared to? the work that Corey and Kat do, its pretty amateur.

  24. simion11

    Is it just me or? does Jesus look like he’s puckering up?

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