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  1. Liane Miller

    Hey! thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about acne treatment known as? Acnezilax Secrets (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you thought about Acnezilax Secrets? I have heard many great things about it and my work buddy finally get rid of her acne problem, using it, but she refuses to tell me :(

  2. Julz Nix

    where did you get that indian clay thing it looks fun and i really want to try it :)

  3. CupcakesandMakeup97

    plzz do tutorials on? that palette plz plz it looks so bright

  4. earthchild820

    you can also mix the bentonite clay with water and drink it for a colon cleanse and major detox…i haven’t tried it but heard it’s awesome! i’m trying to find a cleanse that’s right for me? and was thinking of incorporating the bentonite clay. i’m also fortunate that my local natural market sells it in bulk so I don’t have to buy too much at once! :)

  5. MissVictoriasys

    where did? you get the KAT VON D palette ? I want it right away

  6. RoseBeauty21

    Love everything you? got girl!!

  7. Niamh o' Sullivan

    OMG you are so pretty and? I love your hair ! xx

  8. trisha60

    i need to save money and start doing haul videos! would anyone watch them???x?

  9. TheStyleSegment

    you are so pretty in this vid girly! love? your side braid!

  10. TiNkTiNk3992

    Where did you? get the pure and clear moisturizer?

  11. xCherryBo0m7x

    looooove you girl! i want? everything!!!!!!lol

  12. 586Rexford

    You are always so stunning, it is quite unbelievable that you would have any trouble whatsoever with acne! Thanks so much for being so? down to earth and sharing some of these helpful remedies. :)

  13. loveformakeup22

    hahah thanks yes it is worth it:))?

  14. loveformakeup22

    I got it at Earth Origins but you can get it at? whole foods or any other natural market. Maybe other stores too

  15. garzanena

    The? Kat Von D palette looks gorgeous!!!

  16. selenagomez443

    Noel great haul. $35 for that palette? is not that bad it’s worth it!!:)

  17. 05vicky05

    where can i buy the indian? healing clay?

  18. Ohlucylove

    great? video

  19. loveformakeup22

    thats so sweet? of you! thank you!

  20. loveformakeup22

    aw thank you!?

  21. loveformakeup22

    thanks!? i love it too:)

  22. princessmissy2812

    You’re so beautiful <3?

  23. BeautyGuru13

    luv ur hair?

  24. wakeupformakeup1

    I have Tha Kat Von? D palette and I love itttt, Great Haul hun

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