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Kim Saigh does an amazing job on Chris’ unique black and grey flower sleeve. For more info go to

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Flower Sleeve”

  1. randywags

    I love this tattoo. Work of Art. Are their any actual pics of this tattoo, or just Video? Wondering if someone can help me out? by getting a few pics of this tattoo off the video. Appreciated.

  2. morenagro30

    I love. How Kim did it but for a boy.? Its. Kind of retarded (just saying)

  3. kewljoe007

    LA Ink? SPOOF


  4. silentArtist00

    It looked a lot cooler than I thought it would. Kim is? an awesome artist.

  5. packers718

    probably 200 an hour ?

  6. RapingRapier

    probably 400-500 dollar per hour? in their shop

  7. ArugalSwe

    one of the things that allways botherd me is that we never get to know how much it? cost :) on any of the Ink

  8. iBaudan

    How much? would cost that tattos???

  9. GrabatHope


  10. SandyPubesOfficial

    “grey,? which is black mixed with white”…

  11. Deefanan666

    soo sick?

  12. choki1998

    SkyyVodkaa,that’s right,and some people just wants 5 min of that fame by getting tattooed? by them

  13. shiirachan1

    Oh my God. Hearing Kimmy say “right on” just brought me into a whole world of memories from when she was in Chicago….?

  14. thatciggaweed

    im in the process of getting a black and grey flower sleeve at the moment, mine? looks totally different than his tho! but his looks cool.

  15. braddddddd991

    couple? grand.

  16. guschamber

    I know of people who could do? that exact tattoo for me for that range.. $600-750 and i’m from singapore.. yes those artists have high status but then again its about the art and workmanship not money or fame dude.

  17. LiviRaps

    Nah its way more than that, you have? to consider that hes getting tattooed by celebrity status artists so the price sky rockets + full sleeves are already 1000+ depending on the details and size of the arm.

  18. SkyyVodkaa

    $? For that in the UK (from a talented artist) it could cost £1000.?

  19. austinfoxwell

    what episode? is this from?

  20. guschamber

    600-750? maybe less..

  21. YoungKilla1985

    Kim is very attractive!! Her art is incredible!!! Wish I could get a tattoo done? by her!!

  22. tottelott19

    u love the? boobs

  23. bromleykyokushinkai

    looks? amazing!

  24. PaceWonMrGreen

    love? it!

  25. RgTrace

    Have fun overpaying? for sub-standard work

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