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Head gets new tattoo

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24 Responses to ““LA Ink” episode with Brian “Head” Welch”

  1. lanegraassis123

    what number? episode is it?

  2. KooKooKlock777

    I got to meet him WV, he is amazing and a? really nice guy. =]

  3. newleezy

    we just did a song with HEAD please visit my page and give it? a listen

  4. yunus1338

    God bless KoRn & Brian?

  5. BallerCityTV

    Whoever marked newleezy’s comment as spam obviously didn’t even go to his channel to even see if he really had videos of him tattooing Head (because he really? does).

  6. newleezy

    yall? check out my page I Tattooed HEAD the videos are hilarious!!!!! subscribe & post comments

  7. kowtpr187

    please….does anyone else watching this thing I should just slap him with a? penis in the face. head would not know a good tat anyways..that tattoo artist’s machine tuneage is killin me…

  8. kf7strng

    an essay? you mean those 100? words? Lmao!.. in the real world essays are a lot longer then what they showed you in your special ed classes :)

  9. kowtpr187

    you practically wrote an essay. ……I think you? love me.

  10. kf7strng

    Good point. I was going to mention that myself, but at least you? did.

  11. kf7strng

    so which is it? Texas, or Virginia? Under subscribers it says “I live in Virginia…”? Under About Me it says “I currently live in Bryan,Texas.” So when someone says “I currently live in (some town) I tend to think they currently live in that town. Because I wasn’t aware saying that you currently live in a town means you live somewhere else! This is great! and when you say you are 27, do you really mean 27, or 13, or 72 or something entirely different?

  12. kowtpr187

    Im not from Texas asshole,Im from VA.? You don’t know me.

  13. kowtpr187

    Grow? up. Im not gonna argue with a fool like you.

  14. AsatorTOX

    No he’s talking about stage makeup.? Ever been on the set of a movie? or a play or anything?

  15. AsatorTOX

    No that’s the steryotypical Jesus. Believe? it or not. Jesus was from the middle east, meaning he would look somewhat arabic

  16. kf7strng

    You must know.? Because the only thing that comes from texas are steers and queers.. and I don’t see horns on you boy!

  17. kf7strng

    Apparently at 27 you have lost your mind. ink poisoning perhaps? If you think head is so? perfect what kind of reasons do you have for that? He is not. I already said he NEVER went to friends for help, he suffered alone, even when others asked to help him. Then, once he got “clean” he abandoned his friends. Who does that? And the music he made with korn GAVE him the ability to give money to charity.I used to like brian, now I know he’s just a coward.

  18. kowtpr187

    Poison,Kiss,Alice cooper, Motley Crue,Avenged Sevenfold,Misfits,AFI,I guess alot of? faggots wear makeup then!

  19. kowtpr187

    so you met jesus?YOu know what he looks like? How is he as evil now? He donates shitloads of money to charities!! 50 CEnt is a fucking shitbar!All he cares about is money like most? rappers these days!

  20. kf7strng

    And people look up to this guy? he is as evil now as he was in korn. you don’t leave friends of 10 years with a text message, or a voice mail. you don’t hide your problems from people who could help you, and most importantly, he shouldn’t be judging people like 50 cent in songs like “a cheap name”. And he? has definitely made himself look like jesus, which is a violation of the 10 commandments, most notably #2 “Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above…”

  21. Pluh88

    Hew came in Albtersons In Phoenix Very cool dude?

  22. WarriorSacrifice777

    howd u? talk to him

  23. Catastrophiccam


  24. lespaul201

    yeah, but u have to wear makeup in front of the? camera cuz of the lighting and stuff

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