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20 Responses to “LA Ink S06E01 Part4”

  1. DeathlyHurtt

    Ruthless? is fucking annoying!

  2. shotsuicide1

    I dont know how any was being disrespectful. She wasn’t giving any attitude, she was just telling the situation. Ruthless is stupid.?

  3. shotsuicide1

    Haha looked so stupid after? craig told her amy did work there. Tis tis tis. Ruth should have been more polite with the situation

  4. MilitiaMackMusic

    Fuck that ruthless? dyke

    Amy is the shit !

  5. jake48925

    your awesome? nicky six

  6. blacklanternz

    When did? Nikki get promoted to Gunny?!

  7. 1910anahi1979

    she? really cheated on Nikki?

  8. Peppaberry

    I don like ruthless!?

  9. missjayare

    ahaha ruthless’ face when craig told her? amy DOES work there was like ohhh shit hahaha

  10. bummsecks

    ruthless is a dumb chink cunt, wants to pipe down?

  11. BurpleNurples

    hahaha i? love creg lol

  12. veroyluis1

    I tought Nikki and Kat had already broken up when she got together? with Jesse.
    To bad she went from a good man to Jesse.

  13. NightxAngell

    It takes a very special person to make someone want to punch you in the mouth 2 seconds after meeting you. Ruthless has some mental/anger issues if she? thinks a person is disrespecting her by walking into the place where they have worked for a year and a half and asking where the boss is. What in hell does that have to do with her anyway? Let alone “disrespecting” her? That girl’s insane.

  14. lovelylittlelin

    Someone? needs to explain to Ruthless the difference between being tough and being a whiny little bitch.

  15. valenc91

    Amy and KAT? is pretty :)

  16. zombieminxz

    amy? is so hot <3

  17. sexitaliana629

    you can tell nikki loves her so much and that dumb bitch cheated on him with jesse james….who the hell? dumps nikki sixx??

  18. CosmicDestroyer99

    Ruthless is really annoying..I’ve been watching all of this season and I can’t? stand her

  19. BukBukkas

    Who’s this fucking new girl? ? Dick!!

  20. lasthumankind

    lol? limewire

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