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Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg. And I’m an atheist… Maybe I am kinda pretty… But nothing compared to Kat von D. Thank you, World. Imma go die happy now.

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18 Responses to “KAT VON D!”

  1. AKTheCakeMonster

    @hiZombieDoll No.?

  2. AKTheCakeMonster

    @Corinne Sumner Oh? wow, thank you so much :’D

  3. Corinne Sumner

    So, you’re beautiful. And one of the only people I’ve ever? sat and watched all their videos! (: You’re someone I’d definitely love to be friends with.

  4. hiZombieDoll

    relaaaax hahahah?

  5. AKTheCakeMonster

    @cybersoldiers1 it’s he profile,? I know it. So yes, I am Sure.

  6. cybersoldiers1

    hi there miss… ehmm are u sure that it? aint a fake profile ??

  7. AKTheCakeMonster

    @littleliamconroy200 jealousy doesn’t suit you, love :3 It’s okay, I would be too,? Omg xD

  8. AKTheCakeMonster

    @slporto? Oh, I am gonna be :DDD

  9. slporto

    x) sorry if it seemed wierd.. but if i got? a tweet like that from my hmm.. idol, i’d freak and be hyperactive for the rest of the week.. 😀

  10. littleliamconroy200

    Im so fucking jealous? -_-

  11. AKTheCakeMonster

    Aw, aw, aw, aw,? aw, aw!<3 I love you<3

  12. MelaMushroom

    she’s not the? only one who wished to look like you O.O <3

  13. AKTheCakeMonster

    Hihihihi, awkward<3?

  14. AKTheCakeMonster

    Thanks…?? xD

  15. AKTheCakeMonster


  16. Katja Gram


  17. slporto

    congratz!? (:

  18. HuMpuRefeMoGtyVe


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