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25 Responses to “La Ink s05e04 part2”

  1. CATcatCATwoof

    hahaha,? aubrey! i love her!

  2. kylafatina

    Why is people so disgutingly stupid???? jes… aubrey then liz…? comon!!!

  3. xOnThEcOmPuTeRx

    @iRunWithLife The show is LA ink. Not the name of kat’s? shop. So the show has mulitiple shops.

  4. iRunWithLife

    I thought this was L.A Ink not ‘American Electric’? or whatever it’s called.

  5. Dman9267

    probably so they don’t risk knocking? the little pots over, the jelly kinda keeps them in place

  6. satinemariana

    I thought Aubrey was annoying, but Liz? is just aaaaaaaaaaaanoying.

  7. TheEvilDuck93

    ewwwwwwwwwww Liz is so manipulative towards guys… this is soooo staged :’) producers have made her into everyone’s worst nightmare for ratings xD?

  8. kultangel2

    what ever makes you? think that girl isnt already getting it

  9. girl123interrupted

    Hey does anyone know why the tattoo artists need a glob of petroleum? jelly next to the ink??

  10. girl123interrupted

    I totally noticed that too! and for a while I thought I was the only? one who was catching onto all the little soundbites.

  11. thevirtualnightmare

    ahahahahahahahaha black rose center pieces!!! dum? bitch

  12. Animonstar95

    Liz? is trying way too hard! Does she not know these people at all?!

  13. ukgirlonce

    @MizzMorningSunshine? …..err…actress

  14. ukgirlonce


  15. supernatt924

    I love how the producers had everyone say BBQ like 5 times to reiterate how UNEXPECTED and DIFFERENT liz’s party? would be.
    i’m actually kind of offended that they’d think i believe this is real.

  16. mrseek6

    COPE? !!!!!!!!!!

  17. lork92

    Is Liz? real??

  18. louieaubergine

    Kat’s brother is dumb around girls, he has no idea? when he’s being maniplulated!

  19. florah3

    they are all talkin about? the BBQ and Liz is all sneeky high end party :S
    … if u wanna get on ppl’s good side heres a tip: DO WHAT PEOPLE SUGGEST, DO WHAT PEOPLE WANT

  20. dejakhalz

    Liz needs a? good fuck

  21. msrienne3d

    word? up

  22. msrienne3d

    i like aubrey sooooo much better than that cocky liz witch?

  23. lissylove09

    liz is like the most conniving and annoying person ever…she keeps saying shes over qualified..then? why doesn’t she just quit and spare us all

  24. rachellovezacky

    why? r they still showing aubrey i thought that bitch was gone

  25. tiingg91

    aubrey? suckkkkkkkk maxxxxxxxxxx

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