Season 3-LA.Ink.part-6 – While Kat’s Away, Aubry Will Play.avi Posted by admin on June 7th, 2012 | Comments (8) |

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8 Responses to “Season 3-LA.Ink.part-6 – While Kat’s Away, Aubry Will Play.avi”

  1. JimmyDasnitch92

    Pamela? has steroid voice

  2. EpicBlueSpikes

    Yes, I do see your point I really do, I just think that if I did own a shop of any kind I would handle my staff more proffesionally and actually take the time to call meetings so stuff like this wouldn’t happen, so while I do agree with your point I still stand by the fact that they were very unproffesional and just plain mean to her at the end of? the day, for a buissness it sure is bitchy.

  3. Ziara2411

    Well Aubury? deserves it you know. You have to look at it from Kat’s side. What if you owned a shop and someone took your portraits down and they put there own photography up. Like she didn’t even ask to do that, you just can’t do that in someone else’s shop.

  4. Ziara2411

    Well Aubury keeps doing dummb things without Kat’s permission, like it’s Kat’s shop. Taking her? pictures down and putting your photography up without asking. You just don’t do that.

  5. Jure Dragz

    thx for? taking full episodes out 133gs :)

  6. Jure Dragz

    yea, but she is acting like a? stupid blond bitch to..

  7. EpicBlueSpikes

    While I do dislike Aubury, I gotta admit it does seem? unfair the way they treat her, everytime we speaks she’s told to shut up, its just unfair.

  8. bettiep

    Kat should’ve come down on her brother more than on Aubry. He hired her! Dan pissed me off when he found out pauly’s workin there. Sorry, guy but spaces are? gonna be filled while you’re on your tour. IT’s business.

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