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From Maxim mag’s website

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Talks Tattoos @ Maxim.com”

  1. mustainemaster123

    i love you so much?

  2. marina101kc

    I love? her belt 😀

  3. MrSatanochio

    Yes, how wise you are…it amazes me…shit…tell me? more.

  4. Klintololi

    satanochio of my dick, you don’t accept the opinion of the other people because you see only not more far than your fucking nose, I said the tattoos makes me vomit when I see them on people this is my sensation .. I vomit when I see even one tattoo ……. so your motherfucker go and tattoo my hard dick on your sister asshole near there and the half moon with the earth near that nice humid hole … understand now motherfucker .. fuck you and Kat DonV that? bitch .. fuck you and all the tattoos

  5. MrSatanochio

    Why do certain? people bother you ? Are you a nazi ? Some people have tattoos, so what ? What`s it to you ? I bet that if we take a look at you, we could find a lot of things that bother others. So shut the fuck up, you narrow minded prick…

  6. Klintololi

    can you please reveal that one near your CliT…??
    we can maybe judge better comments .. lol ..

    CLIT? IS PIRECED .. 100% TRUE ….!!!!

  7. Klintololi

    ink design your penny over your mother asshole with half moon on it ..? ahahahahahahha!!!!!

  8. Klintololi


  9. riki19091979

    @rhbohsl yo if your considering a unique artwork for your next tat i am a member of this awesome tattoo site they have over 8000 designs and heaps of artists you can talk? to, have look here ==> bit.ly/I6f9Wj?=cxwrsx

  10. adkorz05

    you are? ignorant.

  11. Klintololi

    “lose yourself” you already lost, your body is full of shit like that and confusion designs you must be shame of yourself these tattoos are very very ugly and there have no meaning? at all it is just some sort of self-frustration for some delusion from something and it may be yourself complex at any case I am going now to bathroom to vomit my lunch your body is disgusting……
    to all who have tattoo on proper body I ma saying you brainless people drugs dealers and perverted assholes …..!!!!

  12. MoneyMantis

    Dumbass? slut…

  13. QueenOfTheTrolls

    kat von d talks tattoos, well what else would she? be talking about lol

  14. LeBron2332100

    i fukkin? love her tatts!!!!!!!!!!

  15. millyybabess

    Her rib tattoos are so beautiful, it’s a shame they won’t be finished. I could? spend hours just looking at all her tattoos!

  16. Kennskogli


  17. makemeup686

    By her first tattoo the” j” she has a tattoo that? says “loose yourself” awkward typo, I think she meant for “lose yourself “

  18. jamesw2r234

    the other tattoo on her ankle says loose yourself, i think it’s supposed to say lose? yourself, that kinda sucks lol

  19. Inzanex1

    your? dad is

  20. mbcv227

    Amazing? tattoos!

  21. karategirl101

    no lol?

  22. RaynaXSnow

    shes? my idol :3

  23. Sistem02


  24. virtuosochannel

    was lose spelled wrong on her leg?? the first tat

  25. noise80

    1:07 “slutallica” ? uhahauh

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