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20 Responses to “LA Ink S04E03 part4”

  1. pomsta1396

    kat =? amazing hot

  2. karumentic

    i think? there’s lots of people waiting for the job Aubry’s doing…

  3. MissCandy2

    How old is Amy??

  4. chloecherry26

    Omg amy has a son 😮 :/ full shock their <3 ?

  5. sealygirly

    lol? amys all like glamour queen and her son is like polo shirt and glasses!!

  6. simoncl1

    aubry needs to get? the fuck out and stop bitchin. man shes fukn


    that oil painting guy is? a smart ass !! :)

  8. supernatt924

    aw? nikko is really nice. and patient.

  9. deesan82

    I agree, “fish face” I mean what’s her name… the other shop manager just sits there with a face that looks like a gun to scrutinize Aubry. I get it, Aubry isn’t? that sharp but they aren’t either!!!!! They are just tattoers man… come on. This show is annoying sometimes.

  10. HannahSevenfolder

    Aubry doesn’t realise how lucky she is to be working there, thousands of people would gladly do that job without? complaining..

  11. NightxAngell

    I agree. Whether Aubrey was good for the job or not, I still don’t think that they would have treated her any differently. They’re just like? a clique–they don’t like anyone else but themselves.

  12. WilderWein77

    Aubrey has? NO people skills whatsoever. It’s a mystery that she’s even allowed to work at the front desk like that. What a sour face.

  13. 1984DaaBuu

    no no? , she must be fired

  14. MasterJediV

    Yes Aubry is a moron but they are like a giant high school clique at Kat’s? shop

  15. saygoodbyetofate

    her son look like? a queer

  16. jimmorrison123456

    why is? aubrey so snobby she has no idea how to do anything

  17. shoutatthedevil89

    kat is? so hot!

  18. juggalo093

    everyone? artist has there own way

  19. iVintageStars

    Right! She needs to chill with her attitude and do her job? without bitching about it.

  20. kellymj11

    OMG Aubry, calm down! Nikko likes? his setup done differently…not a big deal !

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