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This is how i cut my t-shirts up. its inspired by Kat Von D’s tshirts, and its very simple. but you can do maaaaany different things with these. hope you learn something new, and enjoy! **I honestly don’t know why this got so many views- it’s nothing groundbreaking or new- but thank you. I don’t plan on doing anymore videos- this was just something I did one night when I was bored- so there’s really no use in subscribing. music: Escape the Fate- Situations Tickle me Pink- typical no copyright infringement inteded.

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25 Responses to “How to cut your t-shirt (like Kat Von D)”

  1. slayerelmnt

    How? many sizes above yours does it need t be originally to fit tight and look right ?

  2. JJSkellington1

    Falling In Reverse.??

  3. IWillEatYourHeart

    Hey, you dont need to wash your shirt to get the rolled look right away, all you need to do is stretch the strips one? at a time, holding them at the base on the sleeves if they are thin so they dont rip off

  4. rockurstuff

    Good? “TRY” honey… but you might want to move on to something else and give that a try!

  5. Kthenerd14

    @hellsforchildren? Hopefully @needatan realizes that. :)

  6. hellsforchildren

    wrote that 8 months? ago, didnt mean to be that big of a douche bad, but i guess i do come across as one. sorry dude.

  7. Kthenerd14

    Ouch, a little harsh there??

  8. missyla2u

    Thanks you so much I have tshirts and polo shirts I’m getting ready to adjust…Thanks so much for this? tutorial.

  9. KaystarrrXD

    great? songs :)

  10. anbuladies

    so much bitchin if you dont like it then dont? do it just that simple ppl.

  11. infecti0uss

    just showing us her version not a big deal.? I found Kat’s video’s I’ve found on here were blurry…

  12. runningwiththedevil9


  13. blackcinnamon


  14. needatan

    mmmm after you wash it they get the rolled look, but i don’t think they get really thready. The more you wear and wash it, the more stretched out it will get, and the tighter the knots will become. But i don’t think i’ve? ever had one really fall apart, unless you cut the strips too thin. They last awhile, but all t-shirts eventually get worn out. But if you’re worried maybe cut up an old one and see how it does after a few washes?

  15. blackcinnamon

    So the only thing i’m worried about is if I do something like this to my t-shirts, won’t it eventually fall apart after so many washes? because you are separating the threads that hold the shirt together. I don’t? wanna cut up my shirts if they will eventually fall apart and need to be thrown away =/

  16. harshanilohitha

    Learn how to meet women

  17. ItsJoyable

    fucking love the song.? :]

  18. harshanilohitha

    Learn how to meet? women

  19. needatan

    I know, I’ve seen the video, just made this for a bit of fun one night. Not trying to change the world or? anything….

  20. hellsforchildren

    youre basically just showing us EXACTLY what kat already posted on youtube, get some original ideas and try again.?

  21. princess50512

    you’re sooooo wrong? !! 😮

  22. needatan

    thank you!?

  23. ALGON80

    This was soooo cute. I have a few t-shirts kinda too big 4 me and didn’t want to give them? away, cause they are new. I know exactly what to do with them now. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. chicka575

    no wonder ur name? is complaint!!

  25. n3wcomplaint

    awful? music

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