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13 Responses to “Season 4-LA Ink – episode 7.avi”

  1. TheParacletus

    whoa!? I almost left without saying BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  2. VeilsOfVelvet

    There’s no help for Ruthless. She needs to? just drop dead.

  3. SultanUAE1

    Amy is over-reacting towards ruthless .. I think if she was good with her from the start and didn’t overreact about her when she started at AE they would’ve? been good friends

  4. darkntan

    kats been doing crappie tattoos ?

  5. SuperBassist96

    i like it , i mean its your opinion and stuff , but i think? its cool

  6. shauniiox

    Has Amy had a boob job?? There huge!

  7. Kitsollo

    I am calm but if you don’t think he isn’t good looking then say that not that he’s horrible… so yeah. and? hun, I DO know that he’s a good person I’ve met him and talked to him. so you can be the one to shut up

  8. PleaseQuite

    hey, calm down man! i can say whatever i want about whoever i want! like I already said, I just used the wrong word! he’s not good looking, that’s what I think.. I don’t know if he’s a good person, and neither do you! so respect other people’s opinion and shut? up

  9. PleaseQuite

    no, i’m sorry. I used the wrong word, i meant? that he’s not good looking!

  10. Kitsollo

    Dude! That’s Nikki Sixx, something you should know.. and he’s the most amazing person on earth… so? don’t say a SHIT about him

  11. punkrocker539

    4:05 wtf? one eye? has blue eyeshadow the other grey

  12. iMurderedPikachu

    How? He was? encouraging and comforting her…

  13. PleaseQuite

    my god her boyfriend’s horrible! D:

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