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Valentines Day, 2007. Produced by Liberal Media. Vans shoe designs by Oliver Peck and series at coming this summer. Music by Slowride Camera: Justin Wilson, Daniel Jarvis Poster photo: Matt Cooper Production photos: Lights and camera provided by Electric Light and Power, Dallas TX Editor: Justin Wilson

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25 Responses to “Vans Poster Shoot for Oliver Peck with Kat Von D”

  1. DeathByGravityBlast

    anyone know where to get the red old skool’s? oliver has on?? i work at a vans store and ive never seen those before…i want

  2. mafiaciacho

    what’s the? song at intro?

  3. Chrispolowater

    Everyone one,? like you?

  4. AudioSHABELA

    Oh my god! Thank you! It’s? so sickening to hear her talk about them. “I finally found that person” “Oh he’s so special” “We get each other” it’s always the same story with whoever she finds…

    Go to my vids if you want – I got audio of her and Nikki.

  5. MoanaLindsey

    Were you there when it happened?? Don’t think so wiseass.

  6. blkbuddafly04

    i love those? vans

  7. katvondracist

    is Kat Von D? racist?

    click on my nick and view the video

    show support

  8. themilt

    shes on meth?

  9. themilt

    shes drugged out fuckin? around on him shes a whore

  10. MoanaLindsey

    What a douche! he had Kat Von D the hottest chick around, ya snooze ya? loose- to tha Jew’s 😛

  11. tattypatty

    People stray for? all kinds of reasons. It’s nobody’s biz but her and her ex…

  12. loveforink

    thats fucked up that she cheated!! i’ve? met the both of them a few times at conventions. “my opinion”…i dont care who you are cheatin’ is the pussy way out of a relationship.and thats why kids you should never marry from a short relationship.

  13. ceerivera

    she? cheated? with who???

  14. LillyLindstrom

    Kat isn’t dating Ville Valo of HIM, Her and Oliver divorced because she cheated. Her name boyfriend? is named Orbi.

  15. Joelm940

    Someone posted a comment that Villy Valo and Kat Were “supposedly” toget her? If so I hope it works out. I’ve met Villy? and he looks like kat’s type.

  16. Joelm940

    Tell Me About it….?

  17. Nebel9000

    Oliver and Kate breaked up,she wanted the divorce.She told this in the Tom Green Show, but I dont know? if she is already divorced now.

  18. Nebel9000

    At her personal my space site is a photo of Ville Valo and her, where are they looking at each other .Below the photo is something written in spanish and the translation? is : The truth is in the eyes !

  19. mcr14patd

    kat? is ooo cool!!!!!!!!!!

  20. leeannechristine

    Awesome video.
    Geeze, she is so friggin’? beautiful!!!

  21. jayousae

    oliver peck is such a fucking? bad ass. haha in the vans slippisode kat isnt even in it.

  22. shino1232

    is this? in the dallas tattoo shop

  23. DeepHauz

    come to think of it…idiots and assholes can? be consolidated into one word: douchebag.

  24. DeepHauz

    hot chicks’ attraction to idiots and? assholes. one of the mysteries of the universe that shall never be explained.

  25. xWeaponOfChoicex

    y the fuk is she married to that homeless? guy?

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