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25 Responses to “LA Ink s05e11 part1”

  1. Rickdizzle10

    Sometimes adriene looks young and? other times she looks really old.(weird)….

  2. ArchieAndOswald

    When Liz got fired me and my sister simultaneously sang “Ding Dong, the witch is? dead!”


    holyshit Liz was psycho! I wonder if she really was this conniving or if she amped it up for the? show.

  4. tronka846

    Liz is a snake….she? would sell her own mother

  5. MrDommo09

    Fuck Corey, she can do just fine without? him(LOL)

  6. music4ever1981

    HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, Liz got fired!!! She deserved it too. From? day 1 she had this “I’m better than everyone attitude, and no one tells me what to do.” Good on Kat for showing her the door!

  7. MsSarahJ56

    “I’ve never been fired in my life”? well then why were you looking for a job in the first place?

  8. martinsbigmouth

    i love the editing on corey words when hes at? his own show, kinda wreaks the credibility in what he says

  9. xMarleigh

    Dan is such? a kiwi kid :’)

  10. MrsSn00py

    if you watched the whole season you where obviously going to figuer out that Liz was never going to work I never liked her she tought she was too much for the shop. She was always trying to make changes and Adriene didnt like her one bit. Cory needs to realise that Liz was the person who was trying to? brake up his and Kats relationship!
    But Finally that bitch is gone!!! SHE ANNOYED ME SO MUCH

  11. veGitaDK

    Kat’s like most girls: Happy and “oh your the best” when they? get there way and when not, they are “WTF, Whine whine”.

  12. gisellevzqz

    Really? Liz doesn’t deserve Kat’s respect when she clearly never had any for the team? or the shop. Kat had every right to shove her out like that.

  13. tooyoung87

    I liked Kat the first 2 seasons, but? she just turned into a bitch. I know Liz made some mistakes but Kat could’ve been more professional when she fired her.

  14. kultangel2

    Liz should’ve walked out saying “Oh and btw Dan/adrienne/kat, good luck getting Corey back. And if you finally do, that disappointment you see every time you look? at his face, it came from me.”

  15. rungtiwajade

    haha dane lol hes? smile lol finally shes got kicked out!

  16. retardsinmotionvlogs

    hahaha bitch got fired hahahahahaha i was waiting for this moment ofr a long time 😀

  17. kbbyerly1

    sorry but if? i was corey, i would have told kat to fuck off straight up! dude needed a break!

  18. ggabriellegoyvaerts

    dude i can never decide if i find Cory hot? or not

  19. lovelylittlelin

    Law is a totally different profession. Lawyers can typically cover tattoos on their arms, whereas healthcare professionals often aren’t allowed to cover their arms to varying degrees due to infection control issues. And sure, it’s 2011, but most hospitals still have policies about tattoos. If they do hire you, they will probably require you to cover the tattoo and you will not? be allowed to work in certain areas. Check your facts before you assume.

  20. elfantasmo666

    Geeee? I thought this show was about tattooing? ^^

  21. PriscilliaElviera

    finally that liz bitch is gone, ahaha go? away xD

  22. jenzZ84

    get a grip its 2011 ive friends in law school with? full sleeves

  23. lovelylittlelin

    So if this lady works in the healthcare industry, why is she getting a tattoo on her forearm, an area where she will undoubtedly be required? to cover it up at work? I mean, yeah, cool concept, but very unprofessional.

  24. WilderWein77

    This is not a? professional tattoo shop any more. In real life Liz would have been tossed out the first day. It is obvious that she was kept on the show to create drama. The show has completely ruined the integrity of High Voltage and the art of tattooing.

  25. luilui124

    the edition is really bad and they put thing of? the past shows. like when kat is talking with his brother, it was when her sister was leaving ….sucks

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