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20 Responses to “LA Ink S06E01 Part3”

  1. orlande22

    If that? guy has money for a tattoo then he must have money for an apartment…

  2. CCowie123

    i luv? amy

  3. tedmcfly

    craigs hot!? (this is teds girlfriend not ted)

  4. TheKieshaKiesha

    u dont have that “it” factor. you cant be an actor? or model. and now you have a stupid tattoo of a boat…… idiot

  5. MsAustralopitecus

    bcos dan is usless thats why and dont compare? dan whit corey jajaja

  6. natoplace

    Because she has that withstanding agreement with Dan. There were a ot of unorganized decisions and last-minute requests with Corey. Perhaps if he’d been more organizedand more clear with? his intentions, in the end he and Kat could have formed a similar agreement. But he didn’t.

  7. monno1994

    ok dan leave am so happy for you…..WTF correy asked for a week off and? its like omg what is he thinking the world is going to end AHHHHHHH…Ffs srsly kat srsly…..

  8. worldbones

    That guy ain’t even gonna be a? model. Shoulda saved that tat money and sorted out a roof over his fugly head.

  9. 1910anahi1979

    because she is a? dumb fuck! Corey was the man there! I hate Dan

  10. KareenCasey

    corey? played drums…what is the definition of a musician??

  11. themckinnondude

    ita because hes an artist and musician i think she probably? has more of an understanding?

  12. zaqua3

    well they are both in la and Kats shop is actualy High voltage? So its La Ink which includes tattoos shops in La

  13. JasamTragicLove

    Why is it that she is? so cool with Dan going on tour and when Corey asked for a week off it was the end of the world?

  14. MrYomaymay

    oh that guy? is SO HOT!

  15. alehaocsweety

    its? merry! from LOTR

  16. Missdemim

    kat changes her hair? like crazy!!!!

  17. disney1nickjluvr45

    This is L.A.? Ink :)

  18. chipityzu

    is? this LA ink? or American Electric…

  19. turtles0216

    i totally agree with Dominic about the whole shell thing. thats how? i feel

  20. MageeshGaming

    Dude, dominic? monaghan rules!

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