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14 Responses to “LA Ink S01E06 Part 3”

  1. VeehBaby

    Kim is seriously? beautiful

  2. kat1639


  3. sarajeanmohd

    at 8.17 Kim looks a bit like? Jen Aniston,no?

  4. SkylarPro

    Corey’s wife is so selfish… it’s clear he doesn’t wanna do it, and there are a lot of VALID reasons he might have, I know that it’s more complicated to do in a woman’s body, but if she’s so sure and stubborn on that idea, she? really shoudln’t be making him do it, SHE should do it to herself. I can’t imagine making my husband do something like that. Besides, I don’t get her worrying…ever heard of contraception? If used correctly, there’s like 0,01% of getting pregnant, so do it bitch!

  5. CUPCAKEforever11

    i? luv kats smile at 5:55


    uhhh just get your tubes tied instead of just telling corey to get his balls cut ooooooooh makes me? just wanna clutch mine even though i’m a female but i can just feel the poor guys pain already. DX

  7. feggarofoto

    I could never? ask my husband this….

  8. ansiaaa666

    she could just get the pill then?

  9. lonelymeiam

    because it’s much more dangerous for women, it’s not just a procedure it’s? full surgery

  10. ansiaaa666

    why doesn’t the bitch get her tubes out??

  11. MrsNatari

    That’s a? nice KISS t-shirt, Kat! :)

  12. atfatw

    I wonder how many LA prostitutes come into the store and chat wth Kat Von D and get various? parts of their anatomy, that you wouldn’t think could be tatooed, tattoed

  13. legnaleama

    they will probably? born already tattooed 😀

  14. StolzerSoldat86

    Kat doesn’t want to have kids :((((( She would be a great mom i guess and could have some lovely looking childrens? :(((

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