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19 Responses to “LA Ink S04E01 part5”

  1. xtoxicthrasherx

    Like a crow ha?

  2. MsAustralopitecus

    she look? like a white rat jajajaja

  3. MegaDivaWWE

    how? ??

  4. bezziebloomie

    awi? thought she was really nasty to aubrey

  5. zaqua3

    why hire her if you? have a grlfriend like realy what a way to think with your dick

  6. mrseek6

    Its a Jersey Thing? AHAHAHA

  7. mystupidlullaby

    aubrey looks like the grinch? :)) fking ugly bitch

  8. alexgmsea

    Aubry’s SEXY!!! Mmmmmm?

  9. 4ckedhero

    this whole story line is so staged?

  10. legalsecretary

    Aubry thinks Michael looks good ? omg.. she? needs glasses LMFAO

  11. stevebballin1

    i will? kill you

  12. rain07sam

    “well ur not a tattooer? and u dont know SHIT”

  13. vsecretlookinglassss

    Aubrey is from Rock? Of Love 2! She does have tattoos, they’re just not visible

  14. shoutatthedevil89

    man kat ripped into her lmao! ?

  15. yilkinz

    She looks? like a dog when she smiles!!

  16. YuumilYou

    OMG!! A good make up can do miracles, because that girl from the? picture (2:19) is NOT her!!!

  17. kirusuchie

    the blond’s? ugly she aint got no tattoo! :p

  18. CrAzySkittles98


  19. badsantana714

    Ugh she ugly when she? smiles!

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