Kat Von D – Bronski Beat – “Small Town Boy” acoustic cover LIVE 2012 Posted by admin on May 22nd, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Covering the Bronski Beat song, “Small Town Boy”, Kat Von D plays Live alongside Danny Lohner (guitar), and Wes Borland (bass) at Linda Perry’s annual “An Evening With Women” event. Filmed by Kevin Llewellyn on his phone, 2012.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D – Bronski Beat – “Small Town Boy” acoustic cover LIVE 2012”

  1. fancymysteries

    Kind of? reminds me of brody dalle

  2. hiddensecrets56

    wow, Kat, how i love your voice when you’re simply talking, but singing, my oh my!!! i <3 it :)
    keep going and following your? dreams no matter what!!! <3

  3. toeztocy2003

    I love hoe Kat keeps evolving? shes priceless

  4. brittanydeltoro

    beautiful.? .

  5. KatrinaMES

    Ur? so talented Kat!!

  6. jazysmama

    Awesome! Loved? it!

  7. noeldl1972

    Holy Shitballs Kat..that was? AWESOME!!

  8. valeria1168

    Kat, You Made Me Cry Tears Of Joy! I Am So Fucking Proud Of? You! You’re Amazing At Everything You Do & I Really Do Hope You Love What You Do Cause You Know Us Fans Love Everything You Do!! Outstanding! Your Voice Is Beautiful I Had No Clue!

  9. LGCodeMagazine

    Our magazine saw her perform this live at LAGLC’s An Evening with Women this past weekend! We were blown away by her? voice, so velvety, smooth and soothing 😀

  10. phantomfromhell5

    Wow!? I didn’t know she sang.

  11. mayrarara

    Your voice is? amazing!

  12. msalicemariee

    I just got? chills, this is sincerely amazing.

  13. FashionAngelsCo

    Bravo Kat!!!!!! Amé tu voz!!!!! : ) Saludos? de México!! Candy

  14. firecat182

    Wow, you have a beautiful, haunting voice! I am? amazed by the many talents you have. I can’t wait to hear more of your music.

  15. starrbootyspinster

    Officially my? new girl crush!

  16. MgonSupaTHANG

    Wow, Kat! You? rock, girl. Amazing. Love you! :o)

  17. mendez7598

    Awesome!!!! Love Kat? so much!!!

  18. GoldenOnyx17

    Can’t wait for her album now that I’ve? heard her beautiful and soulful voice.

  19. stsnc88

    your voice suprised me great? job

  20. SomeGirlInThoughts

    Lovely? Voice..

  21. finajuhica

    such a purifying voice. i got chills.?

  22. RadioNothing

    so beautiful? :’)

  23. MissAdoraDoll

    Simply Beautiful.

    And I? agree with whoever said it reminded them of Johnette.

  24. cessyS93

    reminded me very much of johnette.? but great!

  25. SeleneWeasley

    Your voice is not so common, because of that it’s completely amazing! Love it <3?

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