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Purple Smokey Eyes, inspired by Kat Von D. DISCLAIMER: This is not a toot designed to make you look like Kat Von D. It was just inspired by her tattoos and artistry. 😉 To create this look, I used the following MAC products: + Painterly Paint Pot with 252 Brush + Provence Pigment with 224 Brush + Violet Pigment with 217 Brush + Carbon Eye Shadow with 239 Brush + 224 Brush to Blend + Typographic with 224 Brush + Shadowy Lady with 266 Brush For the rest of the list, check out Part 2!

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24 Responses to “Purple Smokey Eyes (inspired by Kat Von D) Part 1”

  1. Isaid25

    U rock!? : D

  2. accdjaz8

    OMG!!! Lets? be best friends!!!!

  3. Mulishamadness

    see that’s the thing if i’m making fun of homosexuals i’d say? homosexual, anyone can be a fag, homosexual or not.: learn something

  4. reowrawr2013

    ima keep commenting back too, im standing up for those who cant do it. So, go get a life and reply back when you learn to treat others how? you wanna be treated. ThanksKayBye.

  5. Mulishamadness

    apparently you cared enough to comment back.: welcome to AMURRICA?

  6. reowrawr2013

    If thats what you wanna do with your life-? make fun of people via YouTube-go ahead. nobody pittys you, nobody likes what you do. its dumb, and worthless childish actions.

  7. Mulishamadness

    we don’t have to but we do just to? SAY FAGGOT

  8. elisabu7

    your eyes are soooo pretty!!! you are amazing!!! ?

  9. reowrawr2013

    Great vid:)
    To all the gay haters, stfu/gtfo. You dont have to watch this video. Dont? bring others down because your life is shit.
    GSA!!(gay straight alliance)

  10. funnyjani

    wow you’re prettier than me? (: ily

  11. Twillo24

    Im real bad with makeup? so thanks for showing this!

  12. angelhoney08

    love your look :) hum i am gonna try that i love makeup n you shure? know how to wear it :) wounderful

  13. Chesterockstar

    haha? i love your sound effects.. :)

  14. wavequeenZZ

    shut up,bitch.? are you a lesbo?

  15. MsFekkos

    Loved this!?

  16. sadiaclick

    your a goodlooking guy…why you gotta? be all feminine :(


    xD? #FTW

  18. isthismyvoice

    wow? this is goood :)

  19. fedese1

    Fuck you your stupid asshole… maybe he is gay but he is still a human, so go home and rape your mom!! -.-” maybe he wearing make-up but if he like it so it is okay!!!
    and you know what… YOU know what..!?…. get a life!!!!

    Damn? I hate people there do something like that….hate gay-people so stupid…

  20. 3maneya

    Haha, you are cute?

  21. ruubin18


  22. bossman4life19


  23. 101sari

    your so? cute! 😀 haha love the purple!

  24. babyxj234


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