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Hello Everyone…I’ve been putting this one off for a couple of weeks…hope you enjoy! :-)

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25 Responses to “Sephora Haul 2: NARS Kat Von D plus more MAC”

  1. gunnerchel

    what? mascara do you use? like when you look down, your lashes look so long and pretty!

  2. Blkbderfly

    Hi there..yes, I do have sweet as cocoa, the blush by MAC, right? It’s much lighter than galapagos,? they don’t really compare in my opinion.

  3. blackrraine

    do you have? sweet as cocoa and if so how does it compare to the nars dark chocolate color

  4. TheFashionistaChic

    The Galapagos is HOT!!I picked that up? a few weeks ago. I actually picked up the Kat Von B Rock n Roll Eye Shadow duos. I have the Livewire and Groupie. Great packaging.

  5. Blkbderfly

    Thanks mama, and? so are you!

  6. Kerisha25

    Your so beautiful…Great haul, thanks for? sharing.

  7. Blkbderfly

    Thank you! I checked before on Sephora and the NARS website, and I couldn’t find the? lip gloss duos, I see the lip gloss/lip stain duos though. Do you have any favs?

  8. Blkbderfly

    Thanks? Dezi!

  9. lovely122797

    They still have the lipgloss duos? you shoud check out some of the other colors. They are really pretty.

  10. haryima

    As soon as I get a camera and ask my God daughter to upload I have no idea how to do it LOL. I went to MAC in Short Hills today only spent? $140 I bought the Tempting Quad, the Shadowy Lady Quad, a lipglass in Explicit a concealer NW45 and a 224 blending brush. It would be nice if you could do a tutorial on either of those quads. You would look so cute with crimps/waves I know because I look cute LOL :) I crimped my hair to go out last night. I think I’m hooked will need an intervention soon.

  11. Dezi1016

    This was a really nice video!! I loves neutrals too! I think they look best on me. I keep my MAC quad in my purse, I use it everyday. I love? MakeUp Forever Too. Anyway, Great Haul, thanks for sharing!! Be Blessed!!!

  12. Blkbderfly

    Thank you soooo much! Girl, I need to stay out of the stores…I am out of control! I would love to see a? pic! :-)

  13. haryima

    I love your makeup. How on earth do you afford all of this. I just started wearing makeup at age 32. What a shame right? I love it now. I’m spending like $200 a trip at? the MAC store and I’m there once a week. You and I look very much alike we could be sisters from the hair to complexion to face shape. Love your videos keep them coming:)

  14. Blkbderfly

    Thanks? girl! Can’t wait to see your vid!

  15. Blkbderfly

    Thank? you Pink!

  16. Blkbderfly

    Thank you for watching! I’m going to try to get? one together!

  17. pinkpornstar1

    You look great love? the haul

  18. lovely122797

    can’t wait to see a look? with the tempting quad

  19. Kanyesgirl315

    Nice Haul girl, I’m rockin that? Ilegal right now.. AND loveee NARS..I came back from NYC and got some “Orgasm” lipgloss..I’ll upload the vid in a couple days

  20. RISHAA9898

    Girl I can not tell you because I just started this..I dont have the correct terms for how I do it I will do a look and put it up on my page later and? email you once it is up and let me know what you think….I am out of business for a minute because of Hurricane IKE…I came to work just for POWER ..LOL>>>>talk to you later..

  21. Blkbderfly

    See, now you know that’s not right! LOL Yeah, I did get the powder a while back and I? love it! Gotta try that foundation out. You did say the primer wasn’t worht it for us oily girls right?

  22. Blkbderfly

    LOL, thank? you MsLady!

  23. Mslady41

    Girl that is why I love your video’s.? You have all the sme taste in makeup as I do. I love neutral colors.

  24. Blkbderfly

    Thank you so much! Actually? the NARS works on all skin tones…especially that Mediteranee duo, I have seen tutorials on other skin tones…you should try it! :)

  25. stephbeau18

    god your? so pretty:) I wish those nars color works on white skin too:O ! Keep the good work:) xxx

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