CUTTING T-SHIRTS fashion design war girls show how to cut kat von d style sexy tutorial fold Posted by admin on May 8th, 2012 | Comments (25) | Click this Link to check out our latest Denim Hot Pants, Cut Up T-Shirts, Graffiti Caps, Sneakers, Limited Edition T-Shirts, Skateboards & Art Prints!!! Website Facebook Twitter: Our Women’s Clothing Collection is a reaction to all the ‘sickly sweet teen’ clothing that a lot of other street/surf/skate brands churn out. We know that most women don’t want girlie clothing or a watered down version of what the guys are wearing. So, we’ve been busy printing, cutting, sewing & stitching all sorts of stuff, like organic tees, boy beater vests, vintage denim shorts, hand drawn graffiti caps & hoodies. Just like our men’s clothing, everything is Limited Edition and has been made by us. For more info about Pistache and how we produce our clothing, please visit our website. We’re also trying to make women feel better about their bodies, so we use real women for all our photos, videos and publicity. Pistache Girls refuse to be sorted or classified as ‘skinny’, ‘plus size’ or ‘ethnic’ by the fashion industry. We believe you’re all beautiful just the way you are, welcome to Pistache. Please subscribe to our channel, comment & rate our videos, peace! Here’s a selection of Girls Cut Tees from Pistache inspired by Kat Von D……

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25 Responses to “CUTTING T-SHIRTS fashion design war girls show how to cut kat von d style sexy tutorial fold”

  1. LiLBreezyyyy

    i love how they dont wear bras XD

  2. pistache323

    coming soon! lol?

  3. NadiaNarcotics

    I like how it doesnt show how to cut the shirts even though it says so in? the title -______-

  4. ScreamMyName1997

    what was? the song ?

  5. harshanilohitha

    Thousands of profiles for girl

  6. CatspitProductions

    Cool video. Nice tee shirts. Come get some? Catspit~!

  7. soniyansitj

    I will teach? you how to date a romantic girls

  8. zara3f

    Meet your dream girls from? Russia

  9. kapilanahdy

    Learn how to meet ? women

  10. GenesisOla

    Time to stop crying try Naughty women

  11. soniyansitj

    Real Local? girls here

  12. pistache323

    thanx Mistyeyes! we have a few for sale if you want one get in touch :)? peace, pistache clothing

  13. MistyeyesXo

    The shirts were soooo awesome. I love, love, love the backs of the shirts and how the? strands hang around the sleeves. I would wear all of them!!!

  14. spamstoper3

    WOW.. Excellent? vid !

  15. Luisamua

    this is no? t a how 2. Is just inspiration so it shouldn’t b listed as a how 2

  16. FailMeNot


  17. strAngel19

    you should try weaving the strands in the? back just cut even slits till they are hangning and then you can weave them kinda like a crochet. thats where i go with this style :)

  18. CKProductions29

    how to do you cut the backs like that???!!! someone? please direct me to a good video that will help!!!!!!!!

  19. Islandjuicyfruit1

    i love the images n styles of ur shirts?

  20. bloome74

    is there a tutorial on how to make them??

  21. pistache323

    take care of yourself……
    pistache? clothing

  22. KCsBaeB

    Those are awesome!? and also I love the was perfect

  23. pistache323

    please subscrie to our channel & rate and? comment on our videos
    pistache clothing

  24. pistache323

    thanx!? :)

  25. bbbbbb222222


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