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Hey Everyone! A little something different for the holidays!Enjoy:o) DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these companies mentioned in this video. All of the products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated in my video. My opinions are not influenced in anyway. Thank you:o)

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Vol 1 Tutorial”

  1. CalvinGizmo9810

    What is your acent. I-3 it. Were are you grom??

  2. potatochipXL

    you’re so? lovely. :)

  3. Zoeebella

    Aww!Thank you! Bob Ross is my hero! I love? his happy little trees:o) LOL

  4. marievalerious

    sometimes you sound just a little bit like? bob ross^^ “just a little tap in here”
    i love your videos.you’re so supercute.

  5. Zoeebella

    Thank you:o)?

  6. pixxiedust

    I <3 your accent.?

  7. AkiAme0

    no problem :)))))) i? really enjoy your videos 😀 and cant wait! 😀

  8. Zoeebella

    This snow is driving me crazy! We have about 5 inches outside.? You probably have more then that. That last big snow over a week ago, we had 9 inches! Eeek!

  9. Zoeebella

    I’m glad? you liked it:o)

  10. Zoeebella

    I’m glad you liked it:o)?

  11. Zoeebella

    I’m? glad you liked it:o)

  12. Zoeebella

    It’s a great palette! I’m hoping to do at least one more tutorial? soon. Thanks for watching:o)

  13. AkiAme0

    i actually got this for Christmas and i LOVE IT,!
    My favorite? eyeshadow in the pallet is “Hollywood”, :)

    But i totally am going to try this look!!
    I really didnt know what to do with the “Heartkiller” pink eyeshadow.?
    So if you have an ideas on what kinda of look to do with that, please lemme know and message me or make a tutorial :)
    I love the Heartkiller one, but i have no idea how to make it into a really blended mixed look, such as this tutorial.
    kool vid.. :)

  14. Zoeebella

    I’m so glad I could help! I recently? did another video. Hopefully I’ll have time for more soon. Thank you so much for watching:o)

  15. changa1395

    OMG Thank you soooo? sooo soo much i got this pallette for my christmas and had no idea what to do with it you helped so much and if you could post more videos using this pallette that would be GREAT and please keep me updated 😀 and your rings are beautifule btw

  16. changa1395

    OMG Thank you soooo sooo soo much i got this pallette for my christmas and had no idea what to do with it you helped so much and if you could post more? videos using this pallette that would be GREAT and please keep me updated 😀

  17. Zoeebella

    Hi!? It’s called Coralista by Benefit:o)

  18. Zoeebella

    Thank you so? much:o)

  19. Zoeebella

    Hi Audrey! Aww! You are too sweet! Thank you? so much:o)

  20. Zoeebella

    I’ve been eyeing? a few more of the palettes. I love them! Thank you so much:o)

  21. DoughBoyLGMX3

    What’s the blush? again?.

  22. kaykayyish

    good tutorital? 😀
    cute bangs
    & cute makeupp!

  23. audrey30ful

    I just got this kit by Kat Von D- thank you thank you thank you for this tutorial. Praying I can make myself look half as great as you! Love your personality doll makes me feel like I am there with you? and we are doing make up lol 😀 Have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year can’t wait to see more videos. xox

  24. missfabulousness512

    I love this tutorial on the Kat Von D set! You did an awesome? job and you have great advice! Love the colors in that palette and the look you did with it. I have 3 of Kat Von D’s small makeup palettes and after watching this I think I might have to buy this set too!

  25. Zoeebella

    Thank you so? much:o)

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