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Kat Von D is a vampire in upcoming horror movie The Bleeding, I found these pictrues today. For more info check out bloody-disgusting.com

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D is a sexy vamp!”

  1. ideasfaltan


  2. ideasfaltan


  3. bigvirgotube

    Saw “The Bleeding”. She never bit anybody. I think she’d have also made the better villian. Waste of her talent in? that movie, IMHO.

  4. MrJan3622


  5. PsychodelicRecords

    shes? gorgeous

  6. DMoore6977

    I? love the fangs

  7. Tenshiyami13

    if she turned me into avamp i? wouldn’t really care lol



  9. GoddaM777

    she’s? so gross

  10. blackopx54

    Kat? is so sexy. I wish I was the babys father…

  11. ZombieBananas

    I’m having her baby.?

  12. Juune17

    The song? is “I’m your favourite drugs ” by Porcelain and the tramps 😉

  13. buddylikeguitar

    i got a vain she? can suck on

  14. PaitonAndCaitlyn

    ? Its Called Im Your Favorite Drug By Porcelain And The Tramps (:

  15. PaitonAndCaitlyn

    Its Called Im Your? Favorite Drug By Porcelain And The Tramps (:

  16. MWBsixx

    what’s the song? used in this? 😀

  17. MWBsixx

    what’s the song used in? this? 😀

  18. likelikelikeyo

    cool? XD
    what’s the name of the song ?

  19. Sk8rckychick

    kat is so? badass!

  20. NelliTani

    what this? song is?

  21. elhefe1138

    if i could have my way… kat would tattoo MI FAMILIA PRIMERO? on my forearm right after i ate a box of nerds out of her butthole…

  22. FloppyChuck

    This was filmed in Wilmington NC @ the bar my friend works at that girl in you thumbnail is a? bartender there

  23. OneHungryZombie

    thank you for? that

  24. 43r4nd1r

    Sencillamente… Wow…? xD

  25. darkangel12343

    Omg kat is my idol, people go either way about her though, they either really despise her beacause of rumours and her tattoo’s and rant at me just beacause I idolize her, or they are just creepy stalker fans who go insane and try to be the ”bigger fan”? :S.

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