Outer V Eyeshadow Tutorial (w Kat Von D Saint Palette) Posted by admin on April 25th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Outer V Eyeshadow Tutorial (w Kat Von D Saint Palette)”

  1. WhatWouldLizzyDo

    ya not sure why comments are showing up like that? for other girls too lol. Okay I’ve never tried Mufe before! Def have to check that out bc I’m looking into buying a higher end mascara next. I’m tired of drugstore for right now? lol…

  2. WhatWouldLizzyDo

    hahaha people always comment about my eyebrows not? being even or too filled in… that comment amused me sorry ;p

  3. GlowMyWay

    Hey, sweetie, this comment got flagged as spam somehow, no idea how! I unspammed it, so I think it’s okay now. I don’t think it comes in waterproof, but I’ve found an even? better mascara: MUFE Smoky lash. There’s an Aqua Smoky Lash that’s the waterproof version.

  4. Bartolomie88


  5. GlowMyWay

    Glad you liked it!? Thanks so much!

  6. GlowMyWay

    Actually, yes, I know just the one!? :)

  7. GlowMyWay

    Maybe? someday! :)

  8. lumal06

    I wish you could show your entire face to do your face? and lips. I’m sure you’re beautiful! <3

  9. Bartolomie88

    OMG I have both? of these palettes (mi vida loca & saint) and i really wanted some ideas kat looks and you just hellpped soo much do you think you could do another saint look? :)

  10. thatsitable1

    Great Video. Thanks, I really needed? this! :)

  11. GlowMyWay

    I? do fill in my eyebrows (before I start the tutorial), it’s just they’re so sparse that if I fill them in more than this, they look really fake. :(

  12. makeupghitti

    y dont u? do your eyebrows?i think… if u would fill them in a bit, it would make your pretty eyeshadows stand out more…

  13. GlowMyWay

    Oh, you’re so sweet! Thank you so much! :)?

  14. candycoatedpaw

    always so helpful. :) never fail to watch your uploads. love? each one of them

  15. GlowMyWay

    LOL, glad? you liked it! And your husband is right – it FEELS like that could happen, LOL!

  16. SuburbHouseWife

    O gosh, you cracked me up with the dry skin bit. My husband loves saying his face is going to fall off because of his dryness at? times. Too cute, great vid Jenn.

  17. GlowMyWay

    LMFAO! She’s not an eye doctor, but I’m sure she’ll do her best. (It’s a little less swollen today, so you may not get that dramatic footage after all. So sorry for? letting down my peeps there. NOT!)

  18. GlowMyWay

    Thanks! It’s a little less swollen this morning, so I’m hopeful! :D?

  19. GlowMyWay

    I hope it was helpful! Let me know if you have? any questions!

  20. GlowMyWay

    I agree! The shadow is just so easy to work? with, and looks perfect every time.

  21. GlowMyWay

    Yes, I keep coming back to this one, because everything about it is? special!

  22. GlowMyWay

    The colors ARE wonderful, and? foolproof, too!

  23. luciabarstow

    very pretty..nice palette…gorgeous colors.?

  24. KathVengeance

    I have this palette. And I have to say that this palette is my absolute favorite! I love everything about it. Design of the palette is so amazing, eye shadows are so beautiful, so pigmented and beautiful colors. I’m just in love with this palette. I think I’m gonna get another one! Love the look you did, you should do? more KvD looks! Kisses from Serbia! :)

  25. urbanbeautyjunkie

    This? is a lovely look. I love Kat von d palettes. I find them to be high quality shadows.

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