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Head formerly of Korn, gets a new tattoo on LA ink.

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24 Responses to “Head formerly of Korn on LA ink full version”

  1. NWO1974

    love u? brian

  2. solf08


    True? ….

  3. TheJamesAgony

    head used? to give head

  4. ASUNDAR83

    i like this guy… i’m 28… i listened to KoRn when? i was 13… i remember this guys in his jeans with the cuffed up ankles, vans, and same goatee with the cornrows… I haven’t listened to this band in like 12 years and now realize that this guy grew up the same way i did

  5. jaynet2008

    Love how he loves? life and his child after so much adversity. Sweet!

  6. pojo205

    how can? you lose respect for this guy? he quit everything he hates about his life FOR HIS DAUGHTER. i’d imagine overcoming a drug addiction is very difficult. if anything he gained my respect.

  7. rayofthejungle

    This artist is incredible. Hell, most tattoo artists are. Doing work on someBody. I’m nervous to fuck up? on paper.

  8. Tammy8525

    @4StringMuthaPlucker How on Earth is he arrogant?!!? Please, explain…..

  9. deadkornbread

    Just so brian knows..when he dies .he will go to heaven with korn tattoos and when I die..ill be going to heaven with mine…see you? on tbe other side..

  10. HeReigns33

    I love Korn? too,and I’m a total Christian!

  11. xbloodnbonex

    man he? looks like jesus lol

  12. ibeatuinboxing

    5:08 get up and “take a look in the mirror”It is the last studio? album to feature the original lineup of Korn.

  13. cooliovasquez

    yo dawg we heard you like tattoos so we put a tattoo? in your tattoo…

  14. cguilhermecardoso

    @didgeman987 You’re a dumbass. What you are trying? to? say is that he just converted to christianity because he was high but wherever.

  15. Ambushcrysis

    I wish I could meet? a weird skinny meth head , maybe day… mabye.

  16. didgeman987

    so he? converted to Christianity after being high on meth…?

  17. iliev93

    so he tattooed? my tattoos on my tattoo…

  18. BBeAtZ91

    he sald ten years after i joined korn i? quit he joined in 93 and ended in 05 thats 12 years

  19. newleezy

    we just did? a song with HEAD please visit my page and give it a listen

  20. newleezy

    we just did a song with HEAD? please visit my page and give it a listen

  21. Stupidboy167

    dude cant believe i actually met? head

  22. runninUPinYa

    Head is the man and I’m glad he got his life in order. His album is good and I hope to see him and Korn hook up? one day again

  23. newleezy

    check my page I tattooed HEAD yesterday his ribs and face funny stuff?

  24. zeak147

    damn this foo could b? making millions right now!!!!! all he had to do just dont do drugs!!! but its good he is with his daughter more…

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