Nikki Sixx Forward to Kat Von D Posted by admin on April 24th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Nikki Sixx Forward to Kat Von D”

  1. bettiep

    She didn’t cheat on him. He said in his book that it was just an ups and downs relationship. That they’d be really in love and then that other times? they just weren’t. He also wrote that if she ever wants to get back together that he’s all for it. AAAaaaawww – _ –

  2. Adrian92Smith

    because she’s a? whore.

  3. 3BDRR7MAN


  4. MsMovieLover22

    I wonder what her reaction would be if someone went to her to get a tattoo of? nikki sixx!

  5. evfan101

    Love the Heartagram symbol on? her laptop!!!!

  6. HeidiLouiseJ

    obviously you don’t find him that awesome, read? his new book. She never left him. They spoke together how it didn’t feel the same anymore. Stop believing tabloids.

  7. HeidiLouiseJ

    she didn’t? :L

  8. anas105ify

    damn kat, I can’t believe you left someone as sexy, talented, intelligent, mature, and sweet as Nikki for that piece of trash Jesse James. you’re young, guess you don’t know any better. just as well, Nikki? deserves someone awesome like him

  9. anas105ify

    damn kat, I can’t believe you left someone as sexy, talented, intelligent, mature, and sweet as Nikki for that piece of trash Jesse James. you’re young, guess you don’t? know any better. just as well, Nikki deserves someone awesome like him

  10. bettiep

    Oh that was so sweet what he wrote about her! She hates violence and couldn’t even hurt a fly… Sweet.? Love this girl.

  11. lukestur

    The? list of people who wouldn’t do Nikki is shorter than those who would.

  12. ireneath

    still dont get? it :/
    they were so good together why would she ever want to leave him ? :/

  13. NetsiNixx

    they? aren’t.

  14. ireneath

    are? they together now???

  15. TheArsonistPrincess

    np and they are? adorable!!

  16. Nicolerulezlife

    ithx? 4 letting me know and their a adorable couple

  17. TheArsonistPrincess

    they ARE? back together now.

  18. TheArsonistPrincess

    i could be wrong but i dont think she cheated i? think she left him to be with jesse james i dont think she was with him while she was with nikki and their back together now

  19. thankgodforbeef21

    where the fuck r ppl gettin the idea she cheated on him? gossip columns? im pretty positive? somethin lik tht wuldnt b leaked IF it did go dwn tht way.

  20. Nono434379

    That made me? cry…

  21. Nicolerulezlife

    How can she wright about others life story’s? Did they give her permission/know? she’s writing about it for the public?So if i get tattoo by her she tell everyone in the world about me?idk that’s kinda weird. I think they looks so good together and sad they not together anymore.

  22. ireneath

    why would she cheat on nikki ? :/
    i still dont get it..he was so? nice to her…..

  23. motleyron

    wait till? jesse james fucks her over too!

  24. JDvp4ever

    Broken up? AGAIN

  25. Animal3DG

    Uh..actually they broke up, but are now back together,? Sixx said so xD So yeh. x)

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