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Many of you have requested that I swatch the new Kat Von D makeup palette for you. The palette did not get great reviews on many websites, but I absolutely love it. I think the colors are great for Spring and Summer. I bought this palette with my own money. I am not affiliated with this copany in any way and my opinions are honest. Don’t forget to enter my contest…it’s super easy! Check out the video here: www.youtube.com Video responses are always welcome. Follow me on twitter twitter.com Follow my blog as well…great giveaways for blog followers, subscribers, and commenters tknobeauty.blogspot.com

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Memento Mori Review and Swatches”

  1. babygotbach22

    it’s on sale at sephora right now, guys! get it! I got mine? for $15

  2. itsSunnYouT

    I think the colors? in the palette are so pretty!! Especially for Spring! :)

  3. supkailey

    you made me? want to buy this! :)

  4. photorage

    its so pretty. lol id prob buy it? bc of the art on it.

  5. onechilidogplease

    I don’t own this palette, but from watching the swatches, i can see myself using a lot of these? color for normal everyday wear. Color payoff looks fine. Kat Von D isn’t know for wearing bright colorful makeup… she’s got the edgy-smoky-eyed look going on and I love that this palette represents her style as much as everything else in her line does. Love her!

  6. MrsGlassSlipper

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do the swatches for us! I have seen this in Sephora a couple of times and past it up.? I think I might have to pick it up next time. These look like good spring colors.

    Thanks! :o)

  7. MFincpresents

    This Palette is? so Awesome and Pretty !

  8. nicala7

    love kat von ds products! her new? palette is my favorite:)

  9. XxsnakebitesxXfreak

    Kat Von D is? sooo cool :) great review

  10. RaspBeari

    i want that :o! great review :)?

  11. pinkhellokitty06

    i love katvond. and have always wanted to try these? out! thanks for the swatches!

  12. Dorothy124

    It looks like a fabulous pallete! Too bad I can’t get in my country? :(

  13. 80jenna

    I got the kat von d ludwig palette and? I love it. It is so pretty and pigmented…

  14. becca4ste

    we cant get kat von d in the? uk =c

  15. Holly7890

    those colors are so pretty i m gana get tht pallete?

  16. SimplyBeth07

    Thanks for the review, I wanna try the? kat von d makeup!

  17. reyja54

    i? really like kat von d makeup especially the eyeliner… great colors..can you do a tutorial using some of these colors

  18. snazzyx15

    i am definately planning on? buying this! thanks soo much for the review!

  19. DiDDyLiCiOUz

    I love your reviews but the bad thing is that it makes me want to? buy more LOL! Which kat Von D palette would you recommend I get first?

  20. PUnkx93PrIncEss

    wow, i really wish that i got that pallete. too bad my? sephora ran out :(

  21. pupijaan

    I’ve? never used Kat von d but will def look into it!

  22. soccrgirl765

    i love the kat von D palletes…i have the ludwig? one!!!

  23. Starry137

    those colors are so? pretty!!

  24. LuckyCharmee

    i picked it? up too! This is my very first Kat Von D and I heard this is the best one of the bunch! LOVE THE COLORS!

  25. jensgotstyle81

    this is? by far my favorite patlett by Kat ..thank you for the review

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