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Hey guys! This is my 100th video :) Kat is one of my main make up inspirations, so it seemed fitting! Thanks to EscapeThisTime for requesting! Products Used: 120 Pro Palette Benefit BadGal Eyeliner in Black Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ Mascara in Black MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Black The Color Workshop lip and eye palette Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE! Chyaz xox

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Inspired Make Up Tutorial (Requested)”

  1. punkchyaz

    aw thank you :)?

  2. punkchyaz

    I’ve done quite a few? :)

  3. poophorsie

    LOL the face when you put on? the mascara is so how I do it too.

  4. MermaidTailsTKB

    can she do some type of sailor jupiter makeup? btw i know she? is an anime character >.< WE LOVE YOU! aka me and my mom

  5. scholte

    CRUE CRUE CRUE i? love you ;D Thanks for this tutorial and the mention!! lovely personality

  6. DezyGoneHumanoid

    could? you do the makeup of the guys from Black Veil Brides??? pleaseeeee:)

  7. restylynrubiossiapno

    can you please make a tutorial? about gothic make up and emo make up?????

    please please please

  8. punkchyaz

    thank? you! x

  9. BnastyxAshley

    I love? your style girl :]

  10. punkchyaz

    thank you!? And I do quite like them :)

  11. ShyGuyMiku

    this? is a really good tutorial 😀 I loved the Motley Crue reference :) Are you a Crue head, Chyaz? 😀

  12. punkchyaz


  13. coolcat0616



    haha i screamed? when you said Starry Eyes, Mötley Crüe! great song and band! 😀 <3

  15. punkchyaz


  16. coolcat0616

    U? look a he’ll of alot like Avril laveing

  17. punkchyaz

    Haha! And? thanks x

  18. Aragalinna

    OMG I could hear the birds chirping? and the kidz playing outside!
    Nice tutorial btw!!! 😀

  19. punkchyaz

    Aw thanks!? And I’ve done a Born This Way look :) x

  20. CheerSarahCheer00

    You are such an amazing makeup artist and I was wondering if? you could do an lady gaga inspired look for her video Born this way! If you could that would be great! Get back to me as soon as possible

  21. punkchyaz

    :)? x

  22. MizzNellyxoxo

    that was probably the best video i have seeen soo? far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. punkchyaz

    I’ve done a couple of blues and silvers in looks before :) if you? type blue into my channel search you should come up with a couple of looks xx

  24. MissRickiLynn

    Hi! :)
    Uhm. DO you think you could do? a like..blue star dust type look? kinda sparkly? :)
    please & thank you
    -Ricki <3

  25. punkchyaz


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