Kat Von D Tats are all over Bam Margera’s Body while leaving Trousdale in West Hollywood Posted by admin on April 12th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Bam Margera shows off Katherine von Drachenberg tattoo on his arm!

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Tats are all over Bam Margera’s Body while leaving Trousdale in West Hollywood”

  1. johnplayersstandard

    kat von d is damn hot she could have been been another hot blonde chick but she would rather be original and her self? that’s damn hot.

  2. choki1998

    MP5Kauto ur? right!

  3. choki1998

    This is how people act,after they become celebritys ,thank? u fans,then fuck of fans!

  4. Kennskogli

    SUB? ME :D:D

  5. JeeJeeBoy95


  6. lucky44124

    Carolla is Kat’s lowest? fuck of the “jackass crew”. They are passing her around like a joint.

  7. mollsdollx

    kats? a fukn dick draggin him away al the time, fukn ape leave him do wat he wants!

  8. chiclete989

    I dont think she is that bad. I mean it’s her job and nobody wants to? be at his/her job 24/7! Give that woman some privacy! Im not quite sure if I could stay that calm!

  9. MP5Kauto

    should let bam talk and show off his tats, that would bring in more possible business. Dumb bitch.?

  10. MP5Kauto

    Kat Von D is so full of her self, Bam is being his usual self. He knows that he got famous because of the fans and he comes from? a small town in PA and he still lives there and she just says strait out I have to steal you and just drags him off. If it wasn’t for people like bam and other people who are famous getting tatted by her. She would not be able to afford that Bentley. She has no perspective of fan base. And she runs a shop in La and if she wants more customers she…

  11. TheMightyHoz

    1:52? camera man can’t resist 😀

  12. DutchMillionair

    Ville and Hank are personal friends of him?

  13. SiKHiTxxFaLLz

    who are all these emo faggots that are with bam? i mean? the guy not that babe.

  14. xxBabyThrasherxx

    why is there always a? big black security guard?

  15. opatronico

    bam is very friendly but kat is a real bitch!!!! but? is so hot, beautiful, sexy, cute, and talen it can be so bitch like she want it!

  16. MrZaggee

    bentley continental gt?kat von d has a good taste in? cars!

  17. hardcoredubby

    no shit??

  18. NeverListenToAdults

    Kat Von D “Tits” are all over Bam? Margera’s Body

  19. naughtyboy15lol

    Helvete=Hell in? english.

  20. hardcoredubby

    Hank? Von Helvete*

  21. martijnspeed

    i would surelike to hit kat…?

  22. OzJenj88

    Bam’s so cool around paparazzi and fans, he? always talks to them like friends. I’ve been watching these videos obsessively. 😛

  23. MrHanslien


  24. naughtyboy15lol

    Hank Von? Hell*

  25. EpicTaleMedia

    1:52 camera-man checks? out Kat’s ass…lol

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