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25 Responses to “LA Ink S06E01 Part1”

  1. KathVengeance

    All this drama. This is such a bullshit dude. ?

  2. RhaolDuke

    this show would bee soooo much better if the just cut all? the dramatic bullshit and just showed some fucking tattoos…

  3. DR3AM3Y

    Noooooooooooo? coreyyy

  4. FreyjasFighter

    “I want to? talk to you off camera”
    ROFL! Then SHUT THE DOOR then!! Not leave it open you silly bitch XD

  5. MilitiaMackMusic

    Corey is the realest guy on there !!

    Fuck Kat and? Dan ..assholes

  6. MilitiaMackMusic

    Kat is a sellout fuck

    thats? it.

  7. monno1994

    You let Corey miller out of ur shop? are u freaking serius bb to the show from me too…What i call for this…BULLSHIT!!!

  8. abbiem95

    what pixie, hannah, kim ..and now corey..seriously this sucks?

  9. dejakhalz

    Corey made this shop, real talk. ?

  10. rungtiwajade

    poor Corey big boy :(?

  11. retardsinmotionvlogs

    im gonna miss ya? cory :(

  12. wcbombers21

    Corey “The truth isn’t tricky” Right there is when I stopped watching this fake ass show with fake ass Kat!!! she sold her soul to the devil and? lost her true friends along the way!!! Corey should have his own TV Show with his own crew and show how real tattoos are done!! FUCK TLC

  13. angryjoy

    If you? watched NY Ink you’ll know how things went down.

  14. Anarchy1249

    Unless cory? comes back iam not watching LA ink anymore cus i hate everyone eles in it now. Kat is the only one left from the start now..

  15. lounon


  16. girl123interrupted

    Have you ever been around a drug addict let? alone a meth addict? think the exact opposite of Cory and you’ve got a meth addict.

  17. SuperDP1991

    Corey must have another problem other than the things he says because? people don’t change like that over night

  18. AtomicGlamour

    What I don’t understand is that Corey has his own tattoo shop which he never gets to work at because he’s always at High Voltage. I just…? yeah I’m so confused.

  19. TheTammyTube

    Seems to me like Corey has a drug or alcohol problem that is finally? getting the better of him, making it hard for him to get on with his work mates and hold down his job. Interesting how nobody was at all sad to see him go. Like they didn’t even care. Well Vorey that’s what happens when you smoke meth all day and drink bourbon all night.

  20. BurpleNurples

    omg kat u signed up for? this! no camaras wtf why dint you just go to his house and talk about it then uh? she is so dumb

  21. yayah102

    oh ok… now i understand what you mean. there are LOADS of ‘not good’ bosses.. just most of them are not on TV. i think she could fire people nicer instead of having everyone wind up in tears or yelling and swearing or just being a down? right bitch

  22. deesan82

    Well, you are right, she is the boss. I think that was evident from the begining of the show haha. I was trying to be witty (I’ll just clarify it to you just in case you did not get it the first time). THe fact that you are in charge of a business does not automatically make you a “good? boss” or a boss. You have to earn the respect of others and make the right decisions. My point is clear. Yes, she is the “boss” but not a good one. She has no business skills.

  23. yayah102

    telling Kat to NOT act like the boss? its here shop – shes? the boss. duhhh


    Am so happy that cory ouit LA link kat is a bich the way I see it? kat needs cory way more then cory needs kat so good for you cory good job man

  25. JasamTragicLove

    No Corey…..? come back :(

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