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Kat Von D On The Lopez Tonight Show.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D On The Lopez Tonight Show”

  1. SuperSidewalkChalk

    the fact alone that she can? walk in those heels, she should get a medal

  2. adkorz05

    I love her cute? reaction when she sees herself tattooless.

  3. pearlycharm

    see you in a few? years ha ha

  4. wrabit79

    she was born in mexico so she’s mexican…she’s not? argentinian no more…..

  5. wrabit79

    that this show was cancelled is beyond me …what are they waiting to cancel jimmy? kimmel,conan,leno,dave letterman,and that stupid craig ferguson crap??

  6. rita31801

    Why does she act so weird????

  7. andisabelsaid4233

    Her red hair? is a wig.

  8. saucyjackattak

    gag…god wat? a fukkin? putrid slut…Ill bet that pussy stinks like a dead fukking tuna. Any man that would stik it in that is a fukkin fukki IDIOT! oh ya….Jessie James

  9. WarchiefSchuldiner

    is she wearing a? wig?

  10. 66kompis

    Is this before the Jesse james situation…. (her shacking up with his best friend) sandra bullocks exhusband?!..When? is this interview from?..

  11. klmeto

    mmm, i have? the same leggings!

  12. SEPAET

    She? looks like a clown with red hair

  13. ranbrent

    I think she looks hotter without tattoos but she still? fucking hot with them.

  14. martiv100

    One of my favorite interviews kinda miss her and Nikki? but oh well I think Jesse is cool too

  15. SweetSugarLemonade

    haha she looks so funny and? geeky xD Her laugh reminds me of my cousin xD

  16. Sweet3stLeaf

    I love how awkward and sweet she is

  17. 700Bonnie

    The? hottest chick with tats EVER!!!!!!!!!!


    kat is hot im gonna kick? george lopezes mexican ass fuck him


    kat is hot im? gonna kick george lopezes mexican ass

  20. starcedust

    i? LOVE her hair!!

  21. Iivelaughlovelust

    she looks like she could be on the bad girls club lmao?

  22. indigoDroog

    her laughhh? so cute 😛

  23. iloveulosangeles

    she is? badd ass

  24. FIDsmoggydrizzle

    4:38 lol?

  25. FIDsmoggydrizzle

    FAIL!! ?

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