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24 Responses to “tattoo Guy Aitchison LA ink”

  1. qdsqd

    Could anyone help me? I need a picture of the Mermaid backpiece? Guy and Hannah did as reference. I need some visual of the tattoogun the mermaid was hodling, it was glowing alike and I kinda need that as a reference for my next tattoo – I need some glowing effects in it and since Guy’s technique is boss- but can’t find it anywhere.
    Thanx in advance.

  2. greatestgod

    your? a retard buddy its called sarcasm

  3. CellmateBlueEyes13

    the fuck is he saying? x.x i hate voice? overs like this, cant u do captions? js

  4. edubchilds

    you? are a fucking retard

  5. 4everal0n3

    he would be? perfect for the roll as pop eye xD

  6. greatestgod

    guy itchyson is spanish moron, cant you tell by his accent and the fact hes speaking SPANISH in the video, dumbass.?

  7. greatestgod

    Hey guy aitchisons learnt? spanish

  8. hormigatatto8

    Exelente? trabajo.

  9. mattttdes

    Wwwooowwww!!! That’s very close to being a? post that relates to this video.

  10. rscottman12

    His last name is very close to the name of my home town? so weird.

  11. durbanman123


  12. 10711851

    the title? should say nastroviye tattoo

  13. rocola22

    Guy Aitchison is? god

  14. sallyannealvarez13

    y isnt this? in engles

  15. slikkar

    wanna hear it? in english to be honest….

  16. Anaheimfunk

    DOPE? !!!!!

  17. HorseDancingTheWaltz

    what he wrote was? obviously a joke

  18. volkipelo

    Try it. A great site? .. you will not regret …

  19. XOGoldFingerOX

    love mr? aitchison!

  20. Inkslingersnet

    Which is what? again, I have to ask…or rather just tell you? that you are clearly retarded. the man is NOT Russian…the audio in this clip was dubbed asshole. What’s the matter with America is that people (like you) run their mouths about something of which they have not a clue. You talk just to talk…no point in it..not knowing what you are talking about…about something you have no clue…period

  21. HeynesProductions

    This is what’s wrong? with America. :)

  22. Inkslingersnet

    Your IQ must be in the retarded range…the man is from Chicago, or don’t you know who Guy Aitchison is? Seriously, know what you are even talking? about before you open that mouth next time..

  23. Inkslingersnet

    another retard…are you people seriously stupid? or what? the voices have been dubbed….or did you think they aired this is the US as is?

  24. HeynesProductions


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