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Mike V gets tattooed on LA Ink

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23 Responses to “Mike V Gets Tattooed”

  1. 777HaZeY777

    i shook hands with him too! hurst? Tx zumiez couch tour 09

  2. BillHicks420

    Wouldn`t try to “hit that” though. he would beat you to a pulp.?

  3. gambadude

    is mike v. straight edge? dude?!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TheDoors0204

    I shook hands with MIkey V haha he’s a kick ass? straight edge guy, really real, I skated with him.

  5. JokerKlownX

    Pixie is? fuckin hot!


    i agree with Mexwell1982, that guys daughter is? frikin hot

  7. dancer4lifelover

    alot of? celebs go there

  8. Mfalicia

    what if something happens to them? and hes never home. so he can look? at the tattoo to remember them. it just helps.

  9. plutosellsDC

    lol? NOT

  10. CrissJami

    Don’t get me wrong I love tattoos and have my? own, but do you really need a tattoo to remember your kids?

  11. PSK182

    i fukin love? mike v n kat

  12. DWaddle74

    yeah, the blond one? is a looker

  13. animalrevengesociety

    nope you’re right, la ink? it is.

  14. animalrevengesociety

    PS. -? this is Miami Ink, not LA Ink.

  15. Mexwell1982

    mike? v´s daughter is hot!!!!

  16. indiantaco32

    better without? hair

  17. goodbye2love

    kat is awesome.
    so is mike v.
    but .. oh? my god. i like him more, when he’s .. without that much hair Oo
    but anyways .. he’s awesome.

  18. theoroc

    mike is gnarly!?

  19. sike0ziglar

    Mike V. is one of? my idols and so is Kat…Mike is amazingly awesome and Kat is incredibly hot.

  20. mickbitta

    man why can’t someone make a tattoo show without gettin ? dr phil to produce it, this cheese wizz shit never happened at my tattoo shop b4 but now everyone assumes i care about their bleedin heart stories….jus get the tattoo and f#$k off!!

  21. thenamelesscrow

    hey the tattoo aint that bad, his? hair is, or at least I think… anyways good luck Mike

  22. xpredox

    ugly tattoo
    but mike v is one? of my idols

  23. shitpants911

    sweetness mike v? has alot of passion

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