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Season 4, Episode 2 Stranger In My Shop

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15 Responses to “LA Ink S04E02.part1”

  1. Midyaso

    This isn’t? season 4

  2. MermaidsAreNice

    I don’t mean to get preachy, but that guy’s dad – sacrificing himself like that – reminded me a lot of Christianity? and Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Brings a tear to my eye.
    But that guy has a really touching story, I’m surprised he didn’t get misty eyed retelling it.

  3. TheGeorgiaProduction

    the? guys dad was amazing. god bless him.

  4. zaqua3

    because its a super? busy shop and she cant keep up and learn fast enough so I agree with every one who said get rid of aubrey

  5. mariaperiwinkle

    This is? season 3

  6. IkiinHD

    corey at 7:57 is what i was my expression at? watching audbrey…

  7. veradietrick

    at 7:09 you can see one of Aubry’s tattoos.?

  8. 1984DaaBuu

    Aubry is ugly as fuck?

  9. legalsecretary

    uh? hello she got canned many months ago !!! LMFAO

  10. saygoodbyetofate

    got a long? way to go!

  11. ilmf1981

    why were they all so nasty to aubry? she is only learning. i could never be that rude to someone who was trying to learn anything new. what a nasty ignorant bunch. how aubry managed to get through her days in that shop is anyones guess…still she managed? to keep smiling. i’m glad she moved on. kat, corey n dan would be EXTREMELY difficult to work with i think.

  12. queenbitchface

    blondy is? really bugging me, hope she gets fired soon.

  13. sarahh2009loved

    Kat’s hair? looks gross

  14. fierySilver10

    thanks alot dude?

  15. MsNadine16

    thank you? so much for posting these!! i love LA ink

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